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Started by Fim, June 17, 2017, 10:43:48 AM

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How to avoid slSetRelNamedLock displaying an error message?
I will only have a ReturnCode -11, no display.

    SlSetProcessMods ("E0")
    SVAR = slSetRelNamedLocks("+" + PA_NR_X)

Fim W

Fredrick Ughimi

Hello Fim,

>>I will only have a ReturnCode -11, no display.

As per the document %SQLitening_LockTimeout  = -11 - Timeout occurred trying to lock an object or database

Check Frank W. Kelley comments here:

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In the version of SQLitening.Bas that I have, dated 24-Nov-2015 17:20, Frank's code is already inserted, but not Bern's correction.
And if I do the call as follows, I will not get a display of error message.
ANSWER = slSetRelNamedLocks ("+" + PA_NR_X, "E0", "", 0, "E0")

Thus, the problem is resolved.
Thanks for the help.
/Fim W
Fim W