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Would This Work?

Started by Fredrick Ughimi, November 21, 2019, 06:35:12 AM

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Fredrick Ughimi


Just wondering if SQLitening can be used on a LAN and at the same time over the Internet. I imagine a scenario where users (staff) use the SQLitening Application on a LAN while the Boss accesses or uses the application over the Internet from a remote location.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Fredrick Ughimi

I know there are security concerns using SQLitening over the Internet. Would using SocketTools with SQLitening solve the security issues?
Fredrick O. Ughimi<br /><br />fughimi@gmail.com<br />- Freedom lies in being bold -- Robert Frost, Poet


If using the server everyone can share the server without a problem.
I've read many reasons on the SQLite site why not to use SQLite peer to peer.

I am sure TLS with SocketTools would work by modifying the client and server code, but
the server would require a certificate.  I noticed SocketTools added some encryption
code, but that isn't unique to SocketTools. If you create your own certificates is
not suggested, but talking to SocketTools they might be interested.
It would be easy for them.

Fredrick Ughimi

Hello CJ,

Thank you for your response.

>>If using the server everyone can share the server without a problem.

Yes I intend to use the server.

The question is how to physically connect the server computer to the client computers. We have 11 remote locations that would want to connect to the server over the internet and 8 client computers that would be connected to server on a LAN since they are in the same building with the server computer.

Best regards.
Fredrick O. Ughimi<br /><br />fughimi@gmail.com<br />- Freedom lies in being bold -- Robert Frost, Poet


November 24, 2019, 07:40:45 PM #4 Last Edit: November 25, 2019, 08:19:12 PM by cj

Logins using slConnect:
The local computers connect to the local IP address or machine name and port of the server.
The remote computers connect to the remote IP address and port of the server.

The router needs to forward the local IP address and port to the server machine.
The IP address at command prompt of server: Type IPCONFIG  it is the IPV4 address.
I would use the address reservation page of the router to lock in the IP address of the server
so it never changes if the network is rebooted.

Windows Firewall:

SQLiteningServer.exe needs to be added to "Allow an app through the firewall."

Mark "Run as Administrator" to SqliteningServer.exe and SqliteningServerAdmin.exe

SQLitening is not secure over the internet.  Connections are not encrypted or authenticated.

CubeSQL seems to be a lot like SQLitening and uses JSON.  It might be an option.

SQLTools might also be an option to consider and use another SQL.

Test server with 12 connections by using threads

#INCLUDE "win32api.inc"
#INCLUDE "sqlitening.inc"
 LOCAL x,hThread AS LONG
 DIM gs(12) 'each user puts recordset into an element
 FOR x = 1 TO UBOUND(gs)
  THREAD CREATE MyThread(x) TO hthread
  THREAD CLOSE hThread TO hThread
 ? JOIN$(gs(),$CR)

 slConnect "",51234
 slOpen "sample.db3"
 slselary "select rowid,redref from parts where rowid=" + STR$(Num),s(),"Q9c"
 gs(Num) = JOIN$(s(),$CR)  'put into array

Fredrick Ughimi

Hello CJ,

Thanks. This is quite useful

I would try it out in a couple of days time.
Fredrick O. Ughimi<br /><br />fughimi@gmail.com<br />- Freedom lies in being bold -- Robert Frost, Poet


November 27, 2019, 11:53:57 AM #6 Last Edit: November 27, 2019, 02:26:09 PM by cj
I am using a VPN service and can connect to the SQLitening server only if using the same dedicated VPN server.

I don't know if a person using the same VPN service could connect to the server from another account or if they need my username and password?
I have sent an email to the VPN service.

Fredrick Ughimi

Hello CJ,

That is interesting. I would like to try it out from here.
Fredrick O. Ughimi<br /><br />fughimi@gmail.com<br />- Freedom lies in being bold -- Robert Frost, Poet


November 28, 2019, 09:54:28 AM #8 Last Edit: November 28, 2019, 09:56:42 AM by cj
From NordVPN:

Business packages start from 5 annual accounts.

Regarding connectivity, yes, you can connect from anywhere in the world to a particular country of our shared servers. You can also purchase a Dedicated server to have one static IP that is not shared between anyone but your team, which you can assign particular users to it and use it per your preferences.

We also have a Back Friday deal going on this very week, if you make a purchase until the end of it.

We could add AES256 to SQLitening's TCP routines.


November 28, 2019, 09:59:41 AM #9 Last Edit: November 28, 2019, 10:02:50 AM by cj
From NordVPN:

If you were to purchase this very week, we can offer the following pricing:

Advanced NordVPN Teams package for 75 USD/ user along with a Dedicated gateway/ server for 336 USD for a year.

This at least shows one way to go.
I always thought that routers could be setup or flashed to connect securely to each other?


November 28, 2019, 10:38:39 AM #10 Last Edit: November 28, 2019, 12:02:21 PM by cj
Another way to go would be to install a VPN server.  I would still encrypt the TCP sends and receives.
It is amazing that I can't find much information on people doing this.  Looking in the wrong places.


I would definitely check this inexpensive route with Hamachi that installs as a service.
Free up to 5 users, $49 a year for 32 users.


Other VPN's to compare to:



NordVPN has a feature called Internet Kill switch.
The SQLitening server can't be accessed while it is on.

Fredrick Ughimi

November 28, 2019, 06:40:04 PM #12 Last Edit: November 28, 2019, 06:55:15 PM by Fredrick Ughimi
Thanks CJ,

>>Free up to 5 users, $49 a year for 32 users.

I would like to test the free package for 5 users first before purchase.

I am downloading Hamachi from https://vpn.net/
Fredrick O. Ughimi<br /><br />fughimi@gmail.com<br />- Freedom lies in being bold -- Robert Frost, Poet


Fredrick Ughimi

I was able to sign in and completed downloading and installation. I could not see any help or tutorial file, just the community forum. I did a search for 'getting started' and tutorial and could not anything useful.

Is it that easy that there is no need for the help or tutorial file?
Fredrick O. Ughimi<br /><br />fughimi@gmail.com<br />- Freedom lies in being bold -- Robert Frost, Poet