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The future of SQLitening

Started by Bern Ertl, February 05, 2013, 10:14:28 AM

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Bern Ertl

Now that Fred is no longer supporting/developing SQLitening, I thought it might be a good idea for those of us using it to discuss a framework for it's future. 

First of all, does anyone know about the disposition of this website?  Paul, do you own the domain name in addition to hosting the site itself?  If not, we should register a backup domain and have a migration plan for when the domain expires (in case it gets acquired by some disinterested third party).  Unless someone in Fred's family is willing to either maintain the domain or donate/sell/transfer it.

I'm not used to developing open source with code bases, etc.  I am totally unfamiliar with how updates and modifications are integrated from multiple developers working with little coordination.  However, I expect to be working on the dropped connections issue in the near future if one of you don't solve it first.  If anyone has any experience or ideas how best to manage updates to the code base when one of us improves it, please share before I (or someone else) does a lot of work that becomes hard to integrate with work done by someone else.

Paul Squires

Hi Bern,

I own the domain name and I host it on my domain reseller account - the same account that hosts my PlanetSquires domain. I will maintain the website for as long as SQLitening continues to be used.

I am willing to take on the role of prime code base maintainer. A ll code changes can be sent to me and I will merge them into the package that gets distributed.

...unless of course someone else wants to take on the responsibility. That's okay with me as well.
Paul Squires <br />http://www.planetsquires.com<br />support@planetsquires.com

D. Wilson

I think the smartest path is to let Paul integrate into his product line. My experience has shown that one person needs to maintain the code base. I strongly hope the project will stay open source. However if we need to pay for support I understand. One things is certain. SQLitening has proven to be a valuable resource for the programming community. If Paul is not willing or unable to maintain the project. I strongly feel that it should be 'given' to the makers of Powerbasic. This would insure that the SQLitening would be available to the Power Basic Community.

On a personal note -- I have 'upgraded' several of my projects to utilize SQLitening These projects were written in VB6 and utilize several custom Activexes. I would like to 'ensure' the current architecture will the different dll versions be maintained and utilized.

Rudolf Fuerstauer

That would be awesome if you would continue to support SQLitening.
I have now created a number of programs with SQLitening.
It would be bad if I once again would have to go another way.

Bern Ertl

Thank you Paul.  It's reassuring to know that the forum here will remain intact.

Thanks also for your offer to manage the code base.  I will do my best to keep any code improvements I develop well documented and easy to integrate.

Rolf Brandt

Paul, that is absolutely great! It will be in good hands with you.

I don't know what improvements Fred had cooking meanwhile. but maybe you could get in touch with Lynda, Fred's wife, to get his latest sources. At present though Lynda has no access to Fred's computer since she does not know Fred's password.


I like to cook with wine - sometimes I even add it to the food.

Gary Stout

I appreciate the fact that Paul is willingly to continue supporting SQLitening. I have move all of my main programs over from Tsunami, which is no longer being actively updated or supported (and proprietary) to SQLitening and I am very impressed with how easy it is to extract the exact data that you need. Doing multi-field searches with Tsunami required a lot of code and multiple loops to accomplish what you needed and the same searches can be done with only a few lines of SQLitening code.

Fred, Thanks again for what you have started and left us with and may the project continue to grow and benefit many in the years to come!

Gary Stout