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Testers Needed

Started by Fred Meier, February 10, 2009, 01:54:09 PM

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Fred Meier

There has been requests for SQLitening to be used by compilers other than PB.
I have supported VB and .Net by writing a custom front-end for those compilers
which works OK but I do not want to have a custom front-end for each compiler. 

Attached is the first version of a "Universal" API for SQLitening.  This
could support any language that can call a standard Dll (including VB). 
The parameter passing is patterned after the Windows API. 
SQLiteningUniversal.Dll is just a front-end to SQLitening.Dll. 

The SQLiteningUniversal.Inc include file will need to be modified to
support specific language syntax. 

I have only coded the main routines for now.  Will do the rest (some will
not be possible like slSelAry) after receiving feed back.  All routines
start with "slu".  The coded routines are:


I was only able to test with PB but need some volunteers who can test with other compilers.
Your help will be appreciated.  Please post your findings here.  Thanks.

D. Wilson

I think this is a great idea. It will be far easier to maintain one program than trying to do one for each other development system. I will start testing this and let you know how things work out.

Rolf Brandt

Hello Fred,

I will do some testing of these routines under VB6. My main commercial projects are written in VB6 and I will replace some database routines with SQLitening anyway.

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