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Title: Network success
Post by: Paul Squires on September 04, 2007, 09:40:48 PM
Up until now, I have been testing the server only using 'localhost'. Basically, having the client and server executing on the same computer.

I just set up my little local network again and put the server on an old PIII laptop (with Windows 2000 Professional installed). I modified the 'testclient' program and modified the "SERVER =" part of the connection string to add the IP address of my networked laptop. I fired up the server and then ran the testclient program off of my main computer. I ran through the whole series of tests and the speed was amazing.

Next step now is to build a huge database with thousands of records and then run SELECT tests against it to see how fast the recordsets can be buffered across the network (entire set at once or in chunks as required by the client program).