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Title: Add full text search?
Post by: Paul Breen on April 21, 2008, 05:25:10 pm
If you compile your own sqlite (you have to add two source files) you can add full text search capabilities so theoretically at least you could start your own "googlette" with your client server sqlite. Doing a little reading on the internet the full text search of sqlite has been used to imitate the search format of google and to implement your own file system within a single database file.
See if you like the idea. Try googling "sqlite full text search" and interesting sites will pop up.

Update: Without documenting it sqlite has put fts into the precompiled binaries for windows so you don't have to compile your own dll any longer to get this feature.

This is one case where reading the instructions caused a lot of unnecesary trouble. I did learn how to compile the sqlite source code with visual studio 2005, it turned out to be easier than using FireFly ;D

Title: Re: Add full text search?
Post by: Paul Squires on April 25, 2008, 08:48:21 am
Hi Paul,

I had heard before about the FTS for SQLite. Up to now I have not had a need for it. I don't compile my own versions of the DLL. I will keep this in mind if there is a need from users and people want it.