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Title: Windows XP Embedded
Post by: mdudely on April 21, 2010, 07:19:30 pm
I'm trying to run an application that calls SQLitening in windows xp embedded and it's crashing when i try to call slConnect with the message that it cannot load "SQLiteningClient.dll" even though it's in the folder.  When I run it on my computer it works fine.  Also, I've noticed that the error boxes that pop up on my computer do not pop up on the embedded version of XP, so maybe something to do with the SQLiteningClient.dll error display routines that this particular embedded version of XP doesn't like.  Is there an older version that doesn't display error messages or perhaps a way I can get the error messages that the dll displays to appear on this embedded xp box?  I'm kinda at a loss here :(  Note: I'm using SQLitening.dll the basic API.

Note 2: It does pop up a message box that says Can not load "SQLiteningClient.Dll", so I'm not sure if that dll has any dependencies that might not be on this embedded xp version.
Title: Re: Windows XP Embedded
Post by: Fred Meier on April 21, 2010, 09:23:39 pm
SQLiteningClient.Dll outs no messages.  SQLitening.DLL calls the
LoadLibrary WinAPI to load SQLiteningClient.Dll.  If the WinAPI can't do
the load then SQLitneing.Dll outs the message.  So, you have something
different that won't allow Win to load SQLitening.Dll.

SQLiteningClient needs ZLib.dll.  Do you have it available to WinAPI? 
Quote from the ReadMe.Txt. 
QuoteZlib.Dll                   Contains the compression routines called by SQLiteningAuxRuts.Dll,
                           SQLiteningClient.Dll, and SQLiteningServer.Exe.  If running remote
                           or doing compression in local mode then it must be accessible on the
                           client computer.  If running remote then it must be accessible on the
                           server computer.
Title: Re: Windows XP Embedded
Post by: mdudely on April 22, 2010, 04:29:29 pm
Got it working by finding the dependencies using Dependency Walker (awesome program).  Turns out that one of the dlls in the tree hierarchy of calls was missing from the system32 folder on the embedded xp box.  After copying over crtdll.dll I have it working fully with the basic API on embedded windows xp.  crtdll.dll is one of the C runtime libraries that's necessary for functions like memset and standard C I/O to function properly, so this is why the application was crashing.  Thanks for your help!    -Matt