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Messages - Gary Stout

I am only drawing straws here and guessing, but shouldn't this portion of the SELECT statement be

" ' + CatID$ + ' "  instead of  '" + CatID$ + "'. It's a little hard to tell from my browser which set of quotes you have first, but it looks like the single quotes are first with the double quotes inside and it seems like this should be just the opposite.

This may not be the problem at all, but sometimes it is the small things that we overlook :-)

I am only guessing here, but you may need to add a space after ASC " or before " (SUM.

Are you sure you are connecting to the Server?
If I rem out the slConnect line in my program, my program will still run but there are no connections listed when I run the Tool utility.

Here is the way I am connecting in PowerBasic..

                       'Open server connection
                        lsServer = ""
                        lsPort = "51234"
                        slConnect lsServer, Val(lsPort)
                       'Open SQLite database
                        slOpen "PRS_DATA.db3","E"

As far as I know, you need both the slConnect and slOpen.

When you run the ServerAdmin utility and list active connections, are you seeing all connections listed that you expect to see?

Just curious...when I first started using the server, the server was running but my program wasn't connected to it.

Quote from: The Tramp on March 11, 2013, 08:25:14 PM
This is what I did:

I instaled sqlitening on the server and executed SQLiteningServer.EXE

I guess this is where I am confused....The web server is, I assume, Linux based....so I am wondering how the exe file is going to run.
I haven't had a chance to take a look at Example B yet, but maybe it will shed some light on things.

Thanks for the reply,
Hi Paul,

No, I don't have anything installed on the webserver other than the data file. That may be my problem??? Are there any step by step tutorials or instructions how to do this? I have gone through the docs, but didn't really find anything there.
When I try to start the server on the local machine, that is when I am getting the IP address error and the server doesn't start.

I guess I need some needed steps to make things work remotely???

I think Rolf is using remote databases.....maybe he will see this and chime in.

Thanks again,
I am trying to experiment with a remote database to get my feet wet. I have moved a database file to a web server, I went in and modified the server config file for the web address, but I am not connecting and when I check the log file, I see "Invalid IP Address".
Do I need to include the full path in the config file, such as "http://www.mywebserver.com/test/sql_database.db3" or just the domain information without the path to the actual database file?

I have been using local databases for a while and things are working great, but I wanted to play with remote data to test for speed.

Thanks in advance,
General Board / Re: The future of SQLitening
February 07, 2013, 12:40:36 PM
I appreciate the fact that Paul is willingly to continue supporting SQLitening. I have move all of my main programs over from Tsunami, which is no longer being actively updated or supported (and proprietary) to SQLitening and I am very impressed with how easy it is to extract the exact data that you need. Doing multi-field searches with Tsunami required a lot of code and multiple loops to accomplish what you needed and the same searches can be done with only a few lines of SQLitening code.

Fred, Thanks again for what you have started and left us with and may the project continue to grow and benefit many in the years to come!

General Board / Re: Is Fred OK?
February 05, 2013, 10:17:47 AM
Very sad news indeed. Another one of my programming heroes gone.
Fred helped me out many times when I would pose a question here on the forum regarding SQLitening. He will truly be missed. My condolences to his wife and family !

Gary Stout

I tried removing the SELECT statement and the loop and just used the UPDATE statement and all is working as fast as possible!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks, Bern

Quote from: Bern Ertl on January 04, 2013, 02:34:34 PM
I don't understand why you are using a select statement and a loop.
Cause I don't know what I am doing LOL!

  You should be able to execute the UPDATE statement as written one time and it will update all records where the FamilyID index = CurrentFamilyID

If that is the case, then that is probably why it is so slow. It is updating approx. 400 records in one of my test, but I assumed I needed to loop through all records that needed changed. If I can do that with one call, I like that a whole lot better. Sounds like my code may be looping through 400 records 400 times possibly.

I will give this a try.

Thanks for your help,
I have the following snippet which makes changes to the Contribution table based on a first or last name being changed in the Members table. Right now the code takes maybe as long as 7-8 minutes to make all of the updates to Contributions. If I make the change in SQLite Expert, the change is almost immediate, so I am sure that there is a better way to do it...I just don't know the best way to do it.

Thanks for your help,

'Update all contributions with head of house name change
slSel "Select * FROM Contributions WHERE FamilyID = '" & Trim$(CurrentFamilyID$) & "'", %rs1

Do While slGetRow(%rs1)
   slExe "Begin Immediate"
   SQL$ = "UPDATE Contributions SET Last = '" & Trim$(NewLast$) & "', First = '" & Trim$(NewFirst$) & "' WHERE FamilyID = '" & Trim$(CurrentFamilyID$) & "'"
   slExe Sql$
   slExe "End"
General Board / Re: Newbie question...
December 05, 2012, 09:02:50 PM

A site that helped me quite a bit was www.w3schools.com. There is a lot of good general information there regarding SQL. It is not specific to SQLite, but many of the examples work with SQLite.

Thanks Fred! I am going to work on implementing that now.

Hope you and your family have a Great Thanksgiving and I certainly appreciate all of your efforts on the SQLitening project and the help received here on the forums by you and others!


Thanks for the reply! I was hoping that the RowID was generated on the fly based on a query. I had come up with a way to navigate through the data using First,Last,Next and Previous based on some modifications to your navigation DLL. When I was testing, only the 36 CONCERT records existed and everything was working great! I was able to pull up the next or previous record by using some math on RowID. It was when I added some more test records, that I began noticing problems. I assumed that maybe the RowID was built on the fly, but I guess this is not the case.
Maybe there is a way to actually use your Nav.DLL but I want to be able to go to the first record and click Next to go through the records in sequential order. It appeared that your Nav.DLL required a search to take place first.
If I were to use an individual table for each list, I believe things would be simple, but I think it would be clunky if very many different lists were used.. I came up with the above aproach in an attempt to make thiings simpler.

My second thought, since the above doesn't  seem work, is to possibly load the entire database into an array and use the data from there.