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Thanks... I found that app to be useful.
Thanks, Jean_Pierre, that's what I needed to know.
How do I add a new tablet to an existing SQLite database ?

I want to first check if the table exists in the database and then add it if it
does not exist.
The above is my programs INI.   SQLiteningServer uses a  .cfg file. 
Here's my SQLiteningServer.cfg

ConnectionTimeOut= -1

Like the server is setup correctly and works fine with other programs.   
I think long file names are causing the problem.  Because when I moved the
program to just a directory just off the C drive it then worked.
I wrote a simple program and it works perfectly in "Local Mode"  but
when I run it in "Server Mode" the database opens OK  but when the
program searches for a record I get the error message:

        1 = no such table; Prescribers

Here's the INI setup for remote mode:


DBpath=\RSI Easy Script\WexPrescribers
;IP= (your servers IP address or the Computer's name)

Any ideas what might be the problem?
I have used SQLitening on and off for a couple years.  But not often enough to keep proficient.  I apologize for this rather rudimentary question.  I have SQLite database with a Customer table. The customer table has several fields in it.  One field, CDate. contains the next contact date  in YYYYMMDD format.   

I need to retrieve all the CDate fields from the Customer Table and then programmatically manipulate the date and the write it back to the database.

I currently get one record at a time,  make the necessary changes (programmatically) and write it back to the database one record at a time.  This worked fine while the database was small but the database has grown and the process has become painfully slow.

I know that I should be able to get all the records in one statement to the database then programmatically manipulate the data and then write the data back to the database in one statement.

I have made a couple attempts at writing the statements but I am hopelessly tangled up.

Would anyone have the time to write some sample SQLitening statements that I could use as templates in solving my problem.  Your assistance will be most appreciated. Thanks.   
I have quite a number of customers that are using SQLitening v1.4 and I would
like to upgrade them to version 1.54.

To do it correctly, what steps are recommended?

Can I just just delete the old files and copy the new file to their hard disk?
Does the SQLitening Server need to be UnInstalled first?
Do they need to reboot their computer.

I need to be able to automate the process because most of my customers are
not computer literate.  Any suggestions?

   Is the new version backward compatible with programs compiled using version 1.40 Include file?
Or do those programs need to be recompiled with the 1.50 include file?
I notice that the new version zip file does not contain the zLib.DLL file.   Is this file no longer required?
I am getting a error  -14  that I am having trouble tracking down.  Occurs only occassionally.

What would be the most likely cause? 

What might be the best way track this error down?
I have a report that I want to build and I need to get ALL the records in a Table for this report.
I have been getting the records one at a time but I am sure there is a better way.

How would I get all the records (with all there fields) in a Table with one SQLitening call?
That is how should I build the call ?
Also, can the record be returned sorted by one of the fields?
I have a function that loops through record gathering records that need changes.

Currently I find a record anthe make the change to the record.  This works OK but
is reather slow.   I would rather gather all records that need changes then make one
call to SQLite to write the records.  I have tried to do this but I must be doing someting
wrong.   From this code snippet, can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

             'rc = slExe (slBuildInsertOrUpdate(sTbl, wk, lDgF, wStr), "E")
             allRecs = slBuildInsertOrUpdate(sTbl, wk, lDgF, wStr)
             cnt2 += 1 
             sTxt = Parse$(DrgRec, Chr$(127), 5) & "!"
        rc = slExe (allRecs,  "E") 

Do I need to insert a "separator" between record sets?
General Board / I need some enlightenment
February 07, 2011, 01:32:25 AM
    I have a report writer that I would like to use to create reports from my SQLite database.  However, it can not connect. (Or at least it I can't find a way to connect to it).  In the docs it says to use an ODBC driver.  I am not sure what an ODBC driver is.     Can someone enlighten me?

   Would SQLiteningServer be an ODBC driver?   

    Fred,  if not,  would it be possible to compile the SQLiteningServer into an ODBC driver?

General Board / Re: Report Writers
January 26, 2011, 04:10:04 AM
Here's a FREE report writer that is supposed to be able to connect to SQLite databases. 
   This link to download is:


I can't seem to find a way to connect with my SQLite database use Reportman. 
Can anyone be here help me out with this?