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Once I attached a database to the main one, how do I detach it?
This is what I did:

I instaled sqlitening on the server and executed SQLiteningServer.EXE

Then on my local PC I access the database using slConnect to the remote server on the port 51234

You can use exampleB to do the necessary tests. I used that sample to code my application which is now used successfully worldwide.
January 09, 2013, 08:29:41 AM
No, not between, after!

Where Date BETWEEN '" + SQLiteDate(sFrom) + "' AND '" + SQLiteDate(sTo) + "'AND (tblClaimsAnalysis.HospitalNo = tblSales.HospitalNo) " & _
        "And (tblClaimsAnalysis.HospitalNo = tblBill.HospitalNo)"

And sqlite expart is very usefule to test these sentences and understand ehere the error is. Very quick and fast trial error until you get it right.

Beats compiling the program, running it until you get the error!
1) You are missing an AND after BETWEEN (From AND to)
2) The SUM() is valid only when you group a column: Eg: select Zip, sum(Amount) from Sales group by Zip.

My I suggest to download SQLite Expert (it's free) so that you can try out your SQL statements before you code them in your program.
Select tblClaims.Name, tblClaims.Date, tblClaims.IDNo, tblSales.Amount + tblBill.Amount as Amount
From tblClaims, tblSales, tblBill
Where (conditions to join tblClaims and tblSales)
and (conditions to join tblClaims and tblBill)

November 29, 2012, 08:29:53 PM
Quote from: Julian Small on November 29, 2012, 07:47:31 PM
ISo, this is officially my Intro Message...hopefully I will not be deleted again. (Damn, that hurts!)
I know the feeling, been through it too!

QuoteMy goal is web database with MYSQL using PowerBasic as a back-end. Any pointers and help will be gratefully accepted.

Mumble.... I don't think sqlite3 and mysql are mutually compatible. IF they are, I'm interested too.
I believe the program waits for the command to be executed.

Having said this I'll stand to be corrected.
This reminds me of the issue I had.


Where it comes down to if I connecr/disconnect/connect using a dns. With the direct ip addrrss, it does not happen.
November 19, 2012, 02:10:13 PM

If you like cheetah2, you'll love sqlitening!  ;)
Thank you!

Would be quite important to me since 100% of my connections are extranet.
Quote from: cj on November 07, 2012, 01:01:50 PM
This looks like a good solution so a name is resolved to the IP automatically by running a program on the server.

That is what I am using.

The issue is if I use it with SQlitening: it will not reconnect after a disconnect.

And still won't, regardless how much cj played with my server.  :)
Are you having fun? :)
Only 5?

What can I do to increase this?

P.S. I've asked you before, I'll ask you again: could you please remove my DNS fom the messages?

Thank you.
Pity I live in the world of dynamic IP......  :-[

Now that we pinpointed down the problem to the DNS, is there anything we can do?

(Mind removing the DNS from the example?) Thanks.