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Yes! Your connections did show up in my log. Now if I can just get there as well.

I did further testing and it appears I only connect to LocalHost. I thought perhaps my wifi IP changed, but that wasn't it.
Reinstalled with LogConnDcon=Yes.

Also removed LocalHost from list. Still getting error 16.

Quote160811131114 Admn Strt ==========<[ Start Server ]>==========
160811131114 Admn Flgs TrimLogManually=Yes
160811131114 Admn Flgs LogConnDcon=Yes
160811131114 Admn Flgs LogInvalidInMessage=No
160811131114 Admn Flgs CreateDatabaseAllowed=No
160811131114 Admn Data MaxChunkSize=500
160811131114 Admn Data MaxConnections=10000
160811131114 Admn Data ConnectionTimeout=30
160811131114 Admn FACT Loaded
160811131114 Host  Socket=412  Port=51234  ServiceNameSuffix=
160811131130 Conn #3 SK 412 kjmortensonS192-169-142-16192.169.142.164
160811131134 Dcon #3 Dropped
cj, If you're using Godaddy be aware they have 2 firewalls. One you have access to and the other only they have access to. They will open those ports for you. On the lower cost unmanaged system I have, I have to pay them a fee for any changes they make for me. Since I feel confident I can manage everything I need to with RDP I thought I'd save some of my pitiful income that way. My hope is for this project to change pitiful to plentiful.
I'm on a virtual w2012r2 server. I will make the changes so I can see the log. I'm not comfortable making ad hoc changes to code without thoroughly understanding them. Could you put together a new package (version 171?)

It's good that you've been able to establish a connection. Gives me hope.
This are file sizes...
                      yours      mine
slClient.Dll                   54,784            missing
sqlite3.dll                         829,669            599,419
sqlite3.exe                        575,488            missing
SQLitening.dll            93,184            91,648
SQLiteningAuxRuts.dll        30,208            same
SQLiteningClient.dll              54,784            same
SQLiteningS.dll                   11,776            same
SQLiteningServer.exe             128,512            124,928
SQLiteningServerAdmin.exe     93,696      same
SQLiteningU.dll                    15,360       same
SQLiteningZlib.dll                    74,240       same
SQLiteningProcsA.Dll            missing      15,872
SQLiteningProcsB.Dll            missing      8,192
SQLiteningServerExits.Dll       missing      21,504
SQLiteningServerMonitor.Exe  missing     12,288

Mine are from 170 zip.

I get error 16 testing against your files.
I've got the files. I will run some tests and report the results.
One horrible thought I just had...When I follow slConnect with slOpen how do I know it's actually using the service rather than just working locally? Is it possible for it to connect but not use the connection?
QuoteWhat does open the port using a BAT mean?

I created a bat file using the link you provided full of netsh commands which ran without error. I just got off the phone with godaddy support and apparently they have multiple levels of firewall protection. I have to wait until payday two weeks from now before I can afford the two minutes of support I need from them to solve the problem. At this point patience is all I can afford.

Just to reiterate my status. The service installs and runs fine. My test program has no problem selecting a record when run on the server. I know my test program is using the remote call even when run on the server because when I stop the service it reports no connection as it should. Restart the service and it pulls up a record.

So in 2 weeks I'll pay them 8% of my income and get the problem solved. Then I'll report my success right here.

Thanks for your support. Hopefully one day it will be more than just thanks.
This runs both locally on my computer (and its IP) and my server and works, but when I try to connect from my computer to the server it fails. I did open port using the bat provided. I don't know what else to try.

QuoteSub Say(s1 As String)
    MsgBox s1, %MB_TaskModal Or %MB_IconInformation, "Information"
End Sub

Function PBMain () As Long
    slConnect "", 51234
    slOpen "data\gqH_01_01.db"
    slSel "select * from stars where rowID =1;"
    If slGetRow Then
        say "record found."
    End If
End Function

This is my CFG file...

Port = 51234
Hosts = LocalHost,

Test.Sld = Goffy, AnotherPassWord,   ReadOnly%Password,
TestX.Sld = Goffy, AnotherPassWord,  ReadOnly%Password
>AEntry1 = pass
TestData\NewspaperNew.Jpg = *
Test1.Dat =
Test1A.Dat   =*
Test1X.Dat  =!
Test - Copy.Sld=
Test Or Retired\CopyDatabase\New.Sld =
RemoteFileUploadDownloadExample.Txt =
That's good to know. I'm not actually concerned with creating a file other than it being proof that a communications link had been established.. One moment and I'll make a subdirectory...

I've got a lousy wifi connection that keeps dropping (to add to my fun... life in the sticks ya know) Anyway, new folder is...


no. server is on a different path.
I've got SQLitening running at with a default CFG file which I assume means port 51234.

I also opened the firewall to port 51234. I can't connect to it. If anyone would like to give it a shot try to create any file in c:\TEST

General Board / Re: setting up cloud server
August 09, 2016, 12:30:28 AM
Turning the firewall completely off doesn't allow me to connect. I'm stumped. Changing any parameter in the config file doesn't allow me to install the service. I assume default port means 51234 which would be fine if it worked.

What is the proper way to manage the firewall on a remote windows server? I haven't a clue. All control panel seems to allow is totally off or on.
General Board / Re: setting up cloud server
August 08, 2016, 11:59:05 PM
Threatening computer with shotgun seems to have helped. SQLitening is now running on my server using unmodified CFG file. I still have no idea how to manage the firewall. SQLitening  is running with no changes to the firewall and I haven't done any tests beyond getting it to work. I've temporarily stowed away my harry carry knives.
General Board / Re: setting up cloud server
August 08, 2016, 07:28:29 PM
I'm going out of my freakin mind. I got a new server on godaddy. I set properties to run as admin. I turned off the firewall because I can't figure out how to just open a freakin port. You may replace 'freakin' with any damned blasphemy you can think up.

I'm dead. I'm tired. I'm about ready to take a shotgun to my computer. The only place SQLitening works remotely is if I dont run it on a remote machine.

The good news is godaddy will only charge me $130 and still not fix my problem.

I blew three months savings last night. I'm done.