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You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / sql query
April 09, 2019, 04:10:12 PM
I 'know it can be done - I am just having trouble creating it'

I have two tables

1) Inventory
2) Holds

I want to run a query that will give me result the shows the total holds vs inventory qty on hand. I want to show all the items that have more holds than the current inventory level.

In theory the system will never allow a user to put on hold if there is not an enough inventory.

But I want to run the query on program startup to create a dashboard for the user to know those inventory items have 'issues'

There could be multiple holds per inventory item

I know it would involve sum and group by. But I am stuck trying to create the needed sql query.

Any help would be appreciated.
I found the issue was with a grid control I was using.

I solved the problem by creating a 'system lock' flag that will prevent the user from loading another record till the other record has been loaded and the flag has been cleared
Thanks for the help!!

That is the confusing thing I am looping through the entire record set.

I am trying to track it issue down. It will process 5 or 10 correctly then flag the error on number 11.

I will relook at my code and let you know what I am finding.

CJ - thanks for the code example I will compare it to what I have done.
I have a database with multiple tables (2). I need to load information from both tables my screen. This is my overview on how I am doing it.

1) I open the connection to the Server
2) I open the database
3) I get my record from the first database. There is only 1 record from the first database
4) I close that database
5) I open the second database
6) I retreive the records from from that database. Usually there are multiple records from the second database.
7) I close the connection to the server

I use a page up/page down to retreive the next record.
I am able to do this several times then on the forth (or so ) I get an error -14 Invalid set.

I use different numbers for the returned sets. The server is on the local computer.

Any ideas or insights would be appreciated. Code Examples would be awesome.
You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / Re: Encryption
December 19, 2018, 03:05:29 PM
That was going to be my next question. Do I write/query the database just like normal ? What about blob fields that contain images ?
You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / Encryption
December 18, 2018, 08:04:52 PM
What are the steps to provide encryption to an sqlite database ??

If I encrypt a database using SQLitening can I open it and decrypt it using third party tools (ie a SQLite Database Viewers)

Any help would be appreciated.
Currently I am using a log file and posting to the remote server then the local server. It works great and I have a log of all the activity of database transactions.

I am always open to alternative methods.

Ideally real time. Currently I have a log file that I process.

look at litesync.io  it looks like it would fit the bill however the way it connects to the database doesn't look like it would work.
I would like to replication a sqlite database at multiple locations.
I have looked online and there are several solutions. However they want all traffic routed through their server.
I like Litesync.io it is bidirectional and offers an 'Airplane' mode.

I want to keep the functionally of the sqlitening server.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
CJ Thanks for the help. Over the next couple of days I will try and get it tested and i will post my results.

The key that I was missing was the ability to divide by 1000 then do the grouping.

Once againg - Thank you.
I am stuck on another SQL Query. It is something that I know should be able to be done. I just can't figure out how to do it. I want to a group by and sum of a field. The 'grouping' field is numeric and 5 digits.

FYI -- The grouping field is a Sales Category. The first 2 digits represent the major catagory; and the remaining digits allow us to refine our inventory by sub categories.

Raw data:

                 51000              $10.00
                 51100              $5.00
                 62500              $5.00
                 70000              $10.00
                 70500              $10.00

'Desired Results'

                 51000       51             $15.00
                 62000       62             $5.00
                 70000       70             $20.00

Basically I am subtotaling by the first two digits of the numeric value.

I am trying to create an SQL Query to get the report data. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.
Add the ifnull to sqlstatement worked like a charm.

I want to thank those who jumped in and helped solve this. I spent hours trying to 'find' then answer on my own.
I did a work around and added and additional sqlstatement checking for isnull. But if there is an easier way I would appreciate any insights.
I know sqlite is typeless in column types. I am stumped. I would like to update the value of a field however. If the field is null it will not update the field. For Example:
                               Update INVENTORY set qty_on_hand = qty_on_hand + 5 Where Itemcode ='Item Code'

                         If the original value is 10. The server would update it to 15.
                         If the original value is null (no value in the field). The server does not apply the change.

Any help and insights would be greatly appreciated.

I have been using SQLitening for several years now with great success. I would like to 'hear' what other peoples stories have been. What has been the largest install in the way of users/database sizes. Has you encountered any issues that would worth sharing ??