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Topics - Andrew Lindsay

Hello, I have a situation now where the amount of data generated is getting quite large and I would like to be able to spilt the data from a large table into smaller tables.
My database looks like the following

FixedID as STRING *12
FreeID as STRING * 12
Data1 as REAL
Data2 as REAL
Data86 as REAL

For each FixedID, I have lots of FreeID elements, so I would like to create tables where each table would have the FreeID and subsequent data as the elements of the table.

So if I had 36 rows of records with three (3) unique FixedIDs, I'd like to put the associated FreeID records into the three tables.

I hope this makes sense.

Best regards

I have two tables, one table has the following structure-

Table 1
Data4 - Currently NULL
Data5 - Currently NULL
Table 2

I would like to update the data in Table 1 (update the NULL data) where there is data for the matching ID rows.

Ideally I would like to know if there is a single SQL statement that would perform this operation, or do I need to do it manually/programatically?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I have an extremely large table (over 19,000,000 entries).  I would like to have a quick way to keep tally of the numbers of records.  I have tried 'Select Count(*) from tTable;' but this takes nearly 5 minutes to recover the number of records.

I would like to set up a second table called 'Status', with a single entry called Records, that would be incremented when a record is added, and decremented when a record is deleted.

I have read that triggers can be set up to modify a figure in another table, but I am not sure how to do this for inserts or deletes.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

Best regards

Andrew Lindsay
Greetings again,

I have a table that has the following set-up

RecordTime DATETIME,
extTens1 INTEGER,
Pitch1 REAL,
Pitch2 REAL,
Pitch3 REAL,
Roll1 REAL,....

The RecordTime is set as a unique key and index, and the values are stored every second, from some time in February until the beginning of October.

I would like to create a table say for Pitch 1, that would extract all the Pitch1 results per month, so I would have a table with newRecordTime, FebPitch1, MarPitch1, ...

Any assistance would be appreciated.


I have a table that has a DateTime field and an Integer field.  I want to I have imported (approximately) 4 GB of CSV text into the database, but now find that there are a considerable (maybe 30%) of duplicates.  I would like to know if there is a way to find and delete duplicate data (based on the DateTime record).

Best regards

Andrew Lindsay
I am having trouble with the following Query.

  sqlQuery = "SELECT COUNT(*) As RowCount FROM Data Where RecordTime >= '2009/04/01T00:00:00' AND RecordTime < '2009/04/01T01:00:00'"
  Replace "'" With $Dq In sqlQuery
  NumberOfRows = Val(slFN("RowCount",1))

I should get an answer of 60 (I have data for every minute), however, I get an answer of 0.  Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hopefully the last question for tonight.

How do I insert the following value into a table with a field that is labeled as TIME.

The Value is "30/04/2009 0:00".

I do not get any errors when I insert the record, but when I look at the value in SQLite Maestro, it seems to have stored the value as "20:09:00".  Any asistance would be appreciated.


I am connecting to a database and I do not know if there is a table present, how do I check if a table is present, and if not, create it?

I tried "If Not Exists FooBar Create FooBar ( Column1 TEXT, Column2 TEXT );"

Any asistance would be appreciated.