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I use Lazarus with SQLite 3 in windows since 2009 and have not troubles with them.

Now I'm trying to develop with Lazarus and SQLite 3 in Linux. I'm using the Rosa distro(http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=rosa).

I'm writing here because I would like to know if is there someone who can teach me the way I install SQLite 3 in linux and make Lazarus access SQLite 3 SQL tables

I would like to know:

1. Where I find the SQLite3 precompiled binaries?
2. How I install them in linux, including the name of the directories;
3. If possible, some comments about how to integrate Lazarus and SQLite 3.

For example, when I'm using Lazarus with SQLite3 in windows I must leave the library sqlite3.dll present in project directory or in the directory \windows\system32 or \windows\sysow64. Wich are the equivalent procedure in linux?

Greetings from S
My name is Ricardo and live in S