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This runs both locally on my computer (and its IP) and my server and works, but when I try to connect from my computer to the server it fails. I did open port using the bat provided. I don't know what else to try.

QuoteSub Say(s1 As String)
    MsgBox s1, %MB_TaskModal Or %MB_IconInformation, "Information"
End Sub

Function PBMain () As Long
    slConnect "", 51234
    slOpen "data\gqH_01_01.db"
    slSel "select * from stars where rowID =1;"
    If slGetRow Then
        say "record found."
    End If
End Function

This is my CFG file...

Port = 51234
Hosts = LocalHost,

Test.Sld = Goffy, AnotherPassWord,   ReadOnly%Password,
TestX.Sld = Goffy, AnotherPassWord,  ReadOnly%Password
>AEntry1 = pass
TestData\NewspaperNew.Jpg = *
Test1.Dat =
Test1A.Dat   =*
Test1X.Dat  =!
Test - Copy.Sld=
Test Or Retired\CopyDatabase\New.Sld =
RemoteFileUploadDownloadExample.Txt =
I've got SQLitening running at with a default CFG file which I assume means port 51234.

I also opened the firewall to port 51234. I can't connect to it. If anyone would like to give it a shot try to create any file in c:\TEST

General Board / setting up cloud server
August 06, 2016, 05:00:21 PM
I got a cloud server contract with 1&1 and trying to setup the SQLitening service...

SQLiteningServerAdmin says 'failed to start' and I can't find a log file. Any ideas. I'm using RDP.
Has this subject been addressed? I have version 1.7. Are there precautions I need to take?

Just a side note... If I had a tail, I'd be wagging it. I had error 14 invalid set number and solved it (I'm getting better acquainted with the PB debugger.) I'm retrieving only a minimum of data from a host db and copying it to a local db to minimize traffic to the host. Only when the data is not already local do I get it from the host.

I had nested selects. closing before a call and opening after and reselecting solved my problem. I'm a bit surprised it took me two weeks to hit this one. I made a lot of progress today. Feeling good [says James Brown] I knew that I would. So good!!!  ;D
General Board / Tell me I'm crazy
July 17, 2016, 02:54:19 AM
I'd like to share some of what I'm up to. I spent most of last year in the hospital and live on disability now. It doesn't suit me. So I plan to give away some game SW in an attempt to provide myself a better income. Business SW would make more sense (fleet maintenance, circulation fulfillment and POS are some of my real world experience) but this thing has been nagging me since 1975 and I want to get it out of my system. Can you imagine the looks I got, before the internet existed, when I talked about massive multi-user, real time games back then? Bill Gates was still counting cars as they drove over a rubber hose at the time. My plan is for up to 10,000 players per host/game (you read that right.) My strategy is most of the host is static one time read only data (but not all) which will be copied locally after the first read, with UDP messages bypassing the host going directly between players (a concept I tried to explain to adults while I was in high school.) Sounds looney. I know.

Working in PowerBASIC is about 15 to 20 times slower for me than VB6 but the end result should be a good executable. Since I have no artistic ability I'm going to let my players do that (version 1 will be 2D. If successful, version 2 will be 3D.)

I have concerns about how I will accomplish some things but plan to get there with focus and determination. I really hate that Microsoft abandoned VB7 but perhaps it will end better in the long run? My eyesight is going (a doctor sticks needles in my eyeballs twice a month and nine of my fingers have given up typing...) but I'm still breathing damn it!

Next year I hope many of you will help me with stress testing the game? I plan on being obnoxiously focused on this for the next year.
How to Register for this Forum / Old decrepit fart
July 17, 2016, 02:19:03 AM
I guess I'm supposed to introduce myself here...

I've forgotten everything. My first program was saved on paper tape. My first computer was a Cosmac Elf. I was normalizing DBs in 1980 but didn't know what a normalized DB was until 1996.

I've played with an alphabet soup of languages but did real work in VB6 (over a million line of code maintained and upgraded by little ol' me in just one project. By talking directly with customers I added features that made it a best seller and open to new markets.)

I started working professionally from 1980 in NYC but mostly have worked in the west coast (CA & WA.)

I worked a year in WA from CA in my pajamas (the commute was great!) Got sick, divorced, but I'm a nice bum. Just got my first domain and hope to bring in a few pennies next year. SQLitening and PowerBASIC are a big part of that hope.

Hi all,

I don't know my way around here but could use some kind words. I self taught myself HP2000F timeshared basic in the late 70s (It took one afternoon, my first program was stored on a paper tape wheel about a yard across.) I've owned many tools from bascom, masm, Lattice C, etc. My last job was 12 years ago. I maintained and upgraded a single VB6 project with over a million lines of code for almost ten years (as part of a team, then over a year by myself) before Microsoft pulled out the rug. Since then I bought Delphi, PureBasic and Power BASIC (9 and 10.)

I'm used to writing multiuser client/server products but since being disabled (not worked since 2004... What a double whammy!) I have not found the tools I needed. Since I found SQLitening this last week I'm thinking perhaps now I have, but I have a few questions...

I just purchased a domain name (the one I tested last week got snatched up) and will probably be ready to do some testing on a host in three or four months. Most of the internet runs on Linux but PowerBASIC is, for now, windows only. I'm impress with the performance of SQLitening (I tried SQLite in PureBasic a couple of years ago which caused me to conclude my programming life was over...) Anyway I need to know if SQLitening can handle the load of many (very many!) internet users? How many is what I need to know before committing another year of my life to this project? I expect 24/7 usage by as many as I can attract (not ALL at the same time of course!)

That's the main question but I have others. Should I write a host program to run on the server or just run SL as a service? The other questions can wait. Thanks.   ...ken