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July 22, 2016, 06:13:41 PM
Hi all.

I started programming way back in the last century using BAL (Basic Assembly Language) on an old IBM mainframe.

When the PC's finally got fast enough (using the 386 processors) we migrated over to the PC world.  We started by using PC/370, a BAL emulator for the PC.  This freeware product was purchased by Micro Focus, and we continued using their version for a while.

Meanwhile, I started rewriting our apps in Qbasic.  I even did some VB DOS.  What fun.   I read somewhere on the internet that this product called PowerBASIC allowed you to program in assembler.  Wow!  So I bought PBCC and started looking into it.  I found out that PC assembler and mainframe assembler were about as similar as German and English... there were some things that I understood, but I didn't have time to completely learn a new language.

So I continued on with Qbasic and then VB6.  After a year or so, we were able to abandon the BAL emulators, and things were moving along pretty smoothly.  Except that the programs ran pretty slow.  And we had problems with VB crashing a lot.  I wanted to find a way to make things faster.  I read somewhere on the internet that PowerBASIC had a product that would allow me to make DLLs that ran really fast.  So, I bought PBDLL and started looking into it. 

I wrote a few DLLs and called them from VB, and it worked!  Then, PowerBASIC announced that the were upgrading the product to PBWIN.  I bought it and also bought PB Forms.  I'd learned more how PCs work, and I started converting a bunch of apps from Qbasic and VB using both PBCC and PBWIN. The PB apps ran faster, and only crashed when I made a programming error.  :) Quite an improvement.

Now, several decades later, I need to get a bit more into SQL.  I wrote a simple app using SQLite, and it's been very stable for the last few years.  I see some changes coming, and I really need to understand SQL better so I can expand the simple app into something a bit more complicated.

Wow, I think that's enough for now... CUL