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July 05, 2020, 07:54:04 am


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in my application I'm using two SQLite databases. The library version is 1.60.4.
I would like to suppress every message from SQLitening (errors and lock retries), and handle all the errors in the application.

This is how I open a DB:
- slSetProcessMods "E0 T1000" (to suppress messages while opening the DB)
- slsOpen
- slSetProcessMods "rE0 T1000"
- slPushDatabase

Every time I need to use a DB:
- slPopDatabase
- slsExe/slsSel

I read in the docs that mods are pushed/poped along with the database handle, but one of my customers saw this message

How can I completely suppress every error message and let the library calls fail when there is a lock timeout?
Do I need to set the mods on every call?

Thank you,