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Topics - Steve Pardoe


I have been having some problems with slBuildInsertOrUpdate - with values getting into my DB as text with a leading space. Finally realised that the STR$ function inserts a leading space if the value is >= 0. I had no idea about this all this time, so that is here in case anyone else looks for it..

On to my second question - I want to perform an insert of a value if a condition is met but nothing if it is not met, so thebelow seemed logical:


The above forms part of my value string for slBuildInsertOrUpdate. I take it that (as the routine parses based on $NUL), it is not specifiable as my 'negative' choice selection in the above. In this case, the alternative is "" ?

Am I overlooking something here or not ? The 'correct' value for the field should be NULL and not any 'actual' value as it were right ?

Thoughts and opinions most welcome..


I am using the built in encryption in SQLitening and want a little high-level guidance on the encryption standard that is used. You see I have a Linux based site that has an MySql DB and I want to explore the possibility of having the server create an SQLite DB with the fields encrypted. On the face of it, this is entirely possible (there is an SQLite class out there), so my question becomes, what 'specification' of the encryption is needed to match that of my application which (would) use SQLitening for the desktop decryption ?

I know very little about encryption but from the below link:


There are choices about which AES  encryption mode to use as many of them require an Initialization Vector.

Any pointers about which method matches what SQLitening is using would be appreciated and apologies in advance for my lack of crypt-comprehension !