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January 17, 2022, 10:34:18 PM


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Hi Paul,

I got some problems after disconnect and try to reconnect again.

Could you please verify that we should set

CloseHandle thMutex
thMutex = 0

in SQLiteDisconnect to prevent problems with

WaitForSingleObject thMutex, -1

in DoRequest if we try a reconnect?

Thank you for your great support.

it is my understanding that the function should send the ImHere message every 20 seconds. it looks to me that this happens every 2 seconds with "if timer - @lhpLastMessageTime > 2 then" ?

I'm looking for the best way to size and position a scrollbar for a virtual listview. Do I have to implement my own record counter (via trigger or other method)?
Second I need to know the relative position within the table for the current index in use to calculate the position for the scrollbar.

Any hint about the way to go would be really great.