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Topics - Rudolf Fuerstauer

Thank you for the new version of SQLitening.
I've already tested, works fine.
I have the impression that the data queries running faster.

Fuerstauer Rudolf
Would it be possible to add a query to get the time of the server computer?
It is sometimes necessary, if Sqlitening runs remote, that the time of the
client computers is adjusted to the time of the server computer.

With best regards

Rudolf Fuerstauer
on my first project with Sqlitening i have a problem.
I use the Sqlitening server version 1.52 and the current SQLite.dll.
I connect to the server and open the database without a problem.

It works when I query data from the database and save it in an array:
Function GetDatenRaeume(ByVal hWnd As Dword, ByVal sSqlQuery As String) As Long
    Local lZeiger           As Long       
    Local lDataSet          As Long
     lDataSet = Rnd(0, 10000)   

    'Daten der Raeume abgefragt
    slSel sSqlQuery, lDataSet, "E0"

    'Daten uebernehmen
    Do While slGetRow(lDataSet)         
        'Datenfeld neu festlegen                                         
        ReDim Preserve gRaeume(lZeiger)                       
        gRaeume(lZeiger).l_ID           = Val(slF(1,lDataSet))
        gRaeume(lZeiger).szName         = slF(2,lDataSet)
        gRaeume(lZeiger).szVerwendung   = slF(3,lDataSet)
        gRaeume(lZeiger).lLehrer_ID     = Val(slF(4,lDataSet))
        Incr lZeiger                                   
End Function

When I later query data for a Listview,
[code]Function GetDatenOrg(ByVal hWnd As Dword, ByVal lOrgGruppe As Long) As Long
    Local lAnzahl           As Long
    Local lDataSet          As Long     
    Local sSqlQuery         As String
    Dim sLvwData(10)        As String       
    lDataSet = Rnd(0, 10000)
    'Abfrage der Daten
    sSqlQuery = "SELECT * FROM tbl_Org WHERE tbl_Org.Org_OrgGruppe_ID = " & Format$(lOrgGruppe)
    'Daten Org abgefragt
    slSel sSqlQuery, lDataSet, "E0"

    'Daten uebernehmen
    Do While slGetRow(lDataSet)         

        sLvwData(0) = slF(1,lDataSet)
        sLvwData(1) = slF(2,lDataSet)
        sLvwData(2) = slF(4,lDataSet)
        sLvwData(3) = slF(5,lDataSet)
        sLvwData(4) = slF(6,lDataSet)             
        ListViewFillArray (HWND_FRMTABLISTENORGANE_LVWLISTENORGANE(0), sLvwData())     
        'Zaehler erh