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May 18, 2021, 06:16:19 PM


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Thanks guys. I'll give it a shot.
I'll see if I or someone can write a prototype with a simple HTTP server as front-end that calls the SQLite DB as the back-end, and send data as plain text to the client application, and see how it performs.

In the mean time, to get a VB.Net app to call the SQLitening DLL's, do I just need to somehow translate the following Include files into VB.Net?

SQLitening 1.30\Inc\

Thank you.

For some reason, I missed SQLitening while looking for client/server solutions of SQLite, so I'm eager to give it a try.

The client application will be written in VB.Net: If someone has already gone through this, I'd like to know how to use SQLitening from VB.Net, ideally with basic examples to connect, create a table, insert a record, read records, and disconnect.

Thank you.

PS: Out of curiosity, would an HTTP-capable server application (ie. where the client would use any HTTP client library to talk to an SQLite server using the text-based HTTP protocol) have significant drawbacks compared to SQLitening?