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#INCLUDE "sqlitening.inc"



 slOpen    "old.db","C"  'old schema: firstname,lastname,id
 slExe     "create table if not exists T1(firstname text,lastname text, id integer primary key)"
 slExebind "insert into T1 values(?,?,null)",bindstr("Heidi") + bindstr("Klum")
 slExebind "insert into T1 values(?,?,null)",bindstr("Robert")+ bindstr("Hope")
 slExebind "insert into T1 values(?,?,null)",bindstr("Bugs")  + bindstr("Bunny")

 slOpen    "new.db","C"
 slAttach  "old.db","old" 'new schema: id,name
 slExe     "create table if not exists T1(id integer primary key,name text)"
 slExe     "insert or replace into T1(id,name) select id,lastname||', '|| firstname from old.T1"

 slselary  "select firstname,lastname from old.t1 " +_
           "union all " +_
           "select id,name from t1",sArray(),"Q9c"
 MSGBOX    JOIN$(sArray(),$CRLF)


General Board / Default first record
June 11, 2023, 02:54:55 PM
create table if not exists CounterTable(c1 integer,c2 text, c3 text);

insert into CounterTable (c1,c2,c3)              
 select 1,'cool','beans'                                
 where not exists (select * from CounterTable);

SELECT * FROM WORDLIST WHERE LENGTH = 10  'missing column name


QuoteThis is usually due to the operating system keeping recently used disk blocks in memory and/or SQLite doing the same with recently used pages from the database file.

Did you receive an email alert  that I posted this message? :)

There are lots of settings by clicking down arrow to the right of your login name.
I have no idea of the default settings.
Might consider adding an interpreter like PHP to your choice of server.
I use Abyss Web server which allows adding PHP as an extension.
Abyss also directly supports free TLS for life using LetsEncrypt.
It automatically updates itself each year once setup.  Everything is free!

I know people use SQLite as a backend with web pages so it might be a way to go.
I don't know why a private message would fail.  I'll try sending you one.

Note: I was not getting email notifications.  Apparently it is working for me now.
Also, if you are not receiving email alerts, there is a button to receive email alerts in upper right and lower right corner.
I think there is also some setting that may need to be set.
Searched for VB.NET and .NET in upper right corner and found some hits like this.
Might send a private message to someone in any link found.

Sqlitening does no encryption over the internet and does not use certificates.
A middleware program between the client and server could do that.

SQLitening is a pure joy to work with so I hope you can use it.
I would help on the SQLitening side as I don't use any .NET.

Call SQLite using .net  (just placed here as a reference.)

There is https://sqlabs.com/cubesql  (the 2-user version is free according to there site.)
1) I had "Receive Emails and Alerts" for this forum, but can't find an email.
2) Forum Look and Layout "Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic"
3) Account setttngs:  email address is current
4) Maybe something more?  Yes, found these under notifications. 

Notifications checked:
Receive forum newsletters, announcements and important notifications by email.
Follow topics I create and reply to
Receive message body in e-mails
How frequently to tell me immediately
Notify me of Replies and moderation

When a new topic is create in a board I follow, I normally want to know via
Receive alert and email checked

When one of my posts is quoted  receive alert and email
When a reply is made to my unapproved top receive alert and email

Personal Messages
If enable, notify me of personal messages from All members
When I receive a new personal message receive email
When I receive a reply to a personal message  receive email

When other members add me as their buddy receive alert (can't check email)
When it's my birthday receive email

Looking again for an email and will recheck my settings.

Thanks, Paul.  8:53 AM CST Sunday July 31, 2022
General Board / Paul Squires
July 30, 2022, 05:54:11 PM
Do you get email notifications?
Here is another test.  Did you receive an email notification on this post #6?
Still haven't heard back from Fredrick.
Other 3 boards just appeared!
142 posts in General board.  Rest are gone, here.
Only general board for me.  Going through settings.

Now there is only the general board.  No email alerts (for others.)
Did you get this one?!
Please click the button on the  end of the reply line and toggle it to Receive Emails and Alerts.
There are probably more things to change and check that you email address is current.
I received a notification Receive Email Notifications and Alerts.  I think something changed for everyone.