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Hi Jonas
I take the liberty of writing to you directly because I saw that you were using Sqlitening with VB.Net 2015.
I wanted to ask you if you still use it and if you would be willing to help me with my problem connecting to a remote sqlite DB and multi-user.
I am willing to acknowledge your possible help.
Thank you for your answer
But I can't answer you. I am not authorized????
I will try to look at the settings
Sorry CJ
I'm trying to send a personal message to Jonas Hdez
but when i press enter i get this message
"You are not allowed to access this section"
What am I missing?
Thanks CJ
I too read all the messages concerning VBNet and VB6 but they are a bit old and I was looking for confirmation that there are no problems with the latest versions of VBnet

I normally use VBNet to connect to a local DB SQLite.
I have problems there are when I try to do it remotely and in multiuser

I will try to contact someone directly here on the site.
Thanks again for your answer
Hello everyone
I just discovered the existence of SQLitening that it can help me to solve a remote connection problem with my sqlite DB.
I need help and I'm turning to all of you.
Is anyone using SQLitening with VB.Net 2019 or higher?
Thanks for your replies