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Messages - Elias Montoya

 In a couple months more i will be doing a system for a website. Around 2000 to 5000 users may be using the website at a given time retrieving and updating info from a common database (at the same time). Simple stuff, name, age, sex, address, and stuff like that.

Should i go for it using SQLite?
 Seems like I missed this discussion while I was out of town.

Guys, if you need anything in Egrid32 to "marry" it even better,
dont hestitate to ask.

By the way, an upgrade is coming soon.  ;)


Any news on adding the SQL thing mike?

was the data load example enough?
 Here is the example, sorry about the delay, i had to go to bank today.

Yes, Its an Egrid32, can you tell?  ;D
Very customizable.  :)
 Piece of cake for Egrid32!  Ill work in the examples. :)

Do you have MSN messenger? i have a dumb question
that im ashamed to ask publicly...  :D
 Hello Mike, i got your message like 20 minutes ago, but i couldnt log in,
it seemed like my password wasnt good all of a sudden, but i was trying
the wrong one. :P

Anyway, i will do my best to help you get there, just let me know what
you need to do and i will provide all the examples required.


  • FlashBack - Usually flashbacks are very fast memory views. Even deeply stored memoryes come back very fast.
  • NeuroDev  - Reminds me or neurons, a device made like neurons.
  • InfoLeap   - In instantaneous leap of information from a place to another.


Paul... i will release a huge update of Egrid32 in few days,
maybe you could put together an example of the Client/Server
and i can include it in the examples released. To give both
producs some extra exposure.

Hey Paul, you have all my support. And thanks for Including Egrid32 in The list
of "Great" things.  ;)

I just created (Using Firefly ;))also a huge database that works over the internet,
and i think i got lots of expertise in this matter. Having a Standard tool will be a
great aid!

I will be downloading your project and testing it in the morning, its almost 3am
and i just finished creating my Second Firefly application in the past 8 days!!! :)
I need to sleep.