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October 19, 2021, 12:41:50 AM


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has anyone tried to add full text search to his/her database?

seems that this topic has been writen about before.
:-[ :-[ :-[
Hello all,

Seem to be getting the above mentioned error, but I do not know why. I have pinpointed it but do not know what to do with it.
I have 2 tabels:

<'KlantAfspraken' is duch for 'CustomerApointments'>
CREATE TABLE [KlantAfspraken] (
  [KlantId] INTEGER,
  [DateTime] LARGEINT,
  [Onderwerp] CHAR(512),
  [AfspraakGemaaktOp] CHAR(12),
  [AfspraakVia] CHAR(1),
  [Uitkomst] CHAR(1),
  [UitkomstNota] CHAR(255),
  [Id2] INTEGER);

<'Klant' is 'Customer'>
  [Naam] CHAR(30),
  [Straat] CHAR(30),
  [Postnummer] CHAR(4),
  [Woonplaats] CHAR(15),
  [Telefoon] CHAR(20),
  [Fax] CHAR(20),
  [Telefoon2] CHAR(20),
  [GSM] CHAR(20),
  [Email] CHAR(40),
  [BTWNr] CHAR(20),
  [Referentie] CHAR(10),
  [Soort] CHAR(3));

The following query gives the error:
sSQL = " SELECT [Klant].[Id], [Klant].[Naam], [Klant].[Straat], [Klant].[Postnummer], " & _
          "   [Klant].[Woonplaats], [Klant].[Telefoon], [Klant].[Fax], " & _
          "   [KlantAfspraken].[Id], [KlantAfspraken].[KlantId], " & _
          "   [KlantAfspraken].[AfspraakGemaaktOp], [KlantAfspraken].[AfspraakVia], " & _
          "   [KlantAfspraken].[Uitkomst], [KlantAfspraken].[UitkomstNota], " & _
          "   [Klant].[Telefoon2], [Klant].[GSM] " & _         
          " FROM [Klant] INNER JOIN " & _
          "   [KlantAfspraken] On [KlantAfspraken].[KlantId] = [Klant].[Id] " & _
          " WHERE ([KlantAfspraken].[DateTime] >= 20120128000000 And " & _
          "   [KlantAfspraken].[DateTime] < 20120129000000) "       
   lRC = slSelAry (sSQL , g_aKlantAfspraak())

This query will run in SQLite Expert Professional!!!
When I remove [KlantAfspraken].[Id] from the query the code will run.
When I rename [KlantAfspraken].[Id] to [KlantAfspraken].[Id2] and rename the field in the table it runs in code.
Is there a restriction on using 2 identical fieldnames in a query even if the table names are included?

Thanks for any help.
Thanks Joe,

I'll check everything tomorrow. The 2 PC's in question are given a static IP address and I can ping them, but I'll check again. I'll go there again tomorrow.

Thanks again,
Hello Joe,

Thank you, but I think I have not fully explained the problem.
I personally have a Small Business Server at home. I have no problem what so ever at home. I run the application with a SQLithening database in server mode.
I was however surprised that using software that could tell which port was open told me that port 466 to 65635 was closed and still I had no problem using SQLithening as a server at home.
The client has no real server, just some PC's networked together with a hub an a router. I wanted to run the application in SQLithening server mode and that is where I get the problems.

The other option you tell about is probably the non-server mode that can be used?

A thanks to everyone.

Unfortunately nothing helped  :'( :( >:( :( :'(.
I also noticed the crossloop did not work. Crossloop is a software program to take over a pc via internet. There must be something blocking a lot of things.
I looked at the router but the firewall was disabled, so that can"t be the problem.

I really need to install the program. Since it will only be used by 3 people at the same time I wonder I could (for now) just use the local version.
What do you guys think. And if so do I have to consider something special.


Thank you Fred,

I think it has something to do with that.
I do not know a lot about port etc... so this is very strange for me. When I run the port scanner on my PC it says ports 466 to 65635 are closed. This is also true for my pc that has the service running. If this is so how do I communicate then? I must note that my server pc is a real SBS server.


Got a problem with setting up a client-server program I made.
I works great at home, but I can't get it to work at the customer.
I get
"... Unexpected message..."
"-16 Can not Connect"
"Statement = Connect -- Server= Port = 51234"

I can ping to the 'server' pc
I have a shared folder on the 'server' pc where I start the client program.

Can anyone tell me how to start to figuring oput what is wrong?

Hello Joe,

Have you tried a paste and copy the SQL command into a SQLithening database manager and see what is happening?

Great !!!

I now use

SendMessage HWND_FRMSECTIONAL_EGRID321, %EG_INTERNALSELECTUD, 1, UBound(g_aSectional(1))
SendMessage HWND_FRMSECTIONAL_EGRID321, %EG_LOADARRAY, VarPtr(g_aSectional(1)), UBound(g_aSectional(1))

No need to go into a double loop.

I know pronounce ...... :)

Thank you !!!

One other thing.
I needed PB9 to compile the dll. Is this the way?
If so or if not so it would probably be informative to note somewhere in the readme.txt how one should compile the source, even with what programming language. I tried with PB8 and it did not work, and I bet you even non-PB'er are looking at SQLithening.


Hi Fred,

It is one recordset row that is set to one grid row. The $TAB delimiter (Whitch can be changed) is the column delimiter.

I hope you understand.

I now use something like this:

   For llRowIX = 1 To UBound(g_aSectional(2))
      For llColIX = 1 To UBound(g_aSectional(1))
         lsMsgData = lsMsgData & g_aSectional(llColIX, llRowIX) & $Tab
      StringT.Sptr = StrPtr(lsMsgData)
      StringT.Length = Len(lsMsgData)
      SendMessage HWND_FRMSECTIONAL_EGRID321, %EG_SETGRIDTEXTLINE, lCurGridRow, VarPtr(StringT)
      Incr lCurGridRow
      lsMsgData = ""

where I put each $tab-row one by one into the grid. But this is not the quickest way I think.

Personally I think the grid should provide the option.


SQLitening has a fast and easy way to get a recordset into an array:
---> slSelAry
Egrid32 has an easy way to get an array into a grid: 
---> SendMessage Hgrid, %EG_INTERNALSELECTUD, 1, 100
---> SendMessage Hgrid, %EG_LOADARRAY, VARPTR(MyArrayToLoad(1)), 50

Unfortunately they differ in there syntax
slSelAry produces an (real) array
%EG_LOADARRAy needs an one-dimentional array where all columns are seperated by $TAB

Is there any way we can mary them?
Putting it another way what is the best way to get a recordset into an egrid?


Hello Mike,

I can definitively agree with both Fred and Paul. Normalization is in most (99,99%) cases the best way to go. Stick at least to the first 3 rules and you will be okay. Don't overdo this also, you can have more rules but they could eventually slow things down. Code the program and then see if there are some points that need to be looked at again. String versus integer, doubble etc..., also overrated.


Hello Fred,

Everything worked OK now. Was able to create the testfile local and on server. It did not give any problems opening the file. I will know try to do some more. Thank you.

Will let you know.

Thank you for looking in to this.
This is what I did so far.

Started a LocalHost server and run the ExampleA.exe that was in the package. ----> OK
Compile and run the source of ExampleA ----> error 14: unable to open database file
Dubbleclick the exe that I created ----> OK

I then moved the sample.db3 to a subfolder named Data
Changed the line slOpen "sample.db3" to slOpen "Data\sample.db3"
Compile and run the source of ExampleA ----> error 14: unable to open database file
Dubbleclick the exe that I created ----> error 14: unable to open database file

Remove sample.db3
Changed the line slOpen "Data\sample.db3","C"
Compile and run the source of ExampleA ----> error table parts does not exist
!!! empty sample.db3 was made in the Data folder!!!
Remove modChar
Compile and run the source of ExampleA ----> error table parts does not exist
!!! indicates that example was able to open database ???!!!

Could go on testing sevaral combinations but see no logic here. Any thoughts?

I am going to redo everything to see if I have not missed something.