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April 03, 2020, 02:35:13 pm


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Messages - Michael Sydenham

Interesting.. In that vein, maybe envoy, embassador, diplomat or agent is more recognisable as a word?
Thanks Paul - looking forward..
I believe it's possible using a 'DSN-less connection' (google it). It's also possible to setup the odbc connection without having the user do it manually by programmatically setting up the relevant registry keys.
I'm personally very excited by this news.. it's great and I'm so looking forward to trying this. I'm resisting to ask "how's it going".. I wont, I know 'it'll be ready when it's good and ready'. Thanks alot for supporting unicode.
Eventually it would be good to get a list of these relevant codes later, since I'm not using PowerBASIC for testing.
I was referring to error codes that I think are unique to Paul's app, e.g. err 57 I mentioned before. I think this kind of error code is independent of the sqlite code.
Yeah I can understand - it's not a big deal of course - it's much more important to work on the major functionality.

I just wanted to mention that particular example before I forgot.
Hi Paul

Basic testing looks good!

I wondered about this point.

If sql3_connect fails (e.g. due to no server running - error code 57), I noticed that a following call to sql3_Use (for the #SQL3_REMOTE case) will return 0. I guess this function probably ought to not be called, but I just followed the general example. I would have thought sql3_Use ought to have returned an error too (something similar to unable to use due to no valid connection).

It probably would be good to have a list of all the error codes (like 57) etc for the next version. Also it'd be good to see an example of using rsServer & rsLastRow.

I'm hanging out for the service version of server, and unicode (UTF-16) support.

Thanks again for all your efforts.


Links seems down
I guess it depends on whether or not it's a good idea to retain the SQLite name in this product's name. I quite like mikedoty's suggestion of 'SQLiteConnect'. I'm personally not partial to hyphenated names. If you liked Comet, then maybe use 'Comet' or 'Fireball' by itself. Just my 2c at this stage..
Hi Paul

Thanks for making this available. I have some questions.. are you planning to make the sql3server program a service at some stage, ideally with a tray icon to start/stop the service? Also are you planning to support working with UTF-16 encoded databases as well?

Another thing that might be good for the future is encrypted communication between client & server.

Thanks. I'm looking forward to testing this some more!