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January 17, 2022, 09:19:45 PM


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cj - my SQLitening application also runs 24/7 for several month now without any disconnect every 24h.
I would second the assumption that it could make some sense to analyse your network setup.
QuoteConnnections drop everyday at the same time.
QuoteWhat causes the error is the question.

If loss of connection has nothing to do with SQLitening, it could be very hard to find that problem.

cj - I did catch this problem on clients with these steps:

  • In WndProc catch the %TCP_MSG and look for %FD_Close in LO(WORD, lParam). If received you can close/kill the connection, release the mutex, etc. and then try to reconnect.
  • If you use the console compiler you have to create a hidden (dumy-) window with a message pump first and then create an own small TcpWndProc for that reason.

Sorry, but I did extensive modifications to SQLitening for my own purposes so that it is not possible to show you compatible modifications for the original version. If you have questions, I will try to help if time permits.
I also got some problems with unexpected Ip problems and errors. I get very different behavior if I toggle options like:

To have more control I
Thank you Fred, I will give it a try
WaitForSingleObject in DoRequest waits forever...

Ok, I will look into that in the next days.
Hi Paul,

I got some problems after disconnect and try to reconnect again.

Could you please verify that we should set

CloseHandle thMutex
thMutex = 0

in SQLiteDisconnect to prevent problems with

WaitForSingleObject thMutex, -1

in DoRequest if we try a reconnect?

Thank you for your great support.

Today, late afternoon, I just got these disconnect problems.
After looking for some time, I verified that a small problem resulted in these disconnects every day, after the system time reaches18:12:16, (if you have not changed the default timeout value of 30).
It is very easy to solve. Change the declaration for

"Local llLastRealMsgTime as Word"  to  "Local llLastRealMsgTime as Long"  you will find the declaration in ConnectionMain.

a 2 byte word can hold only 65535 seconds since midnight. You will reach this limit every day approx. at 18:12:16.

Thanks again Fred
Thank you for this even better version.
Could you make the 1.53 Version also available in the download area?

Fred, i also fighting the -18 error and have to look deeper into the code to understand this problem.
with vers. 1.5x I get this error on connect almost every time...

Thank you for your very quick solution.

it is my understanding that the function should send the ImHere message every 20 seconds. it looks to me that this happens every 2 seconds with "if timer - @lhpLastMessageTime > 2 then" ?

to maintain the counter in a separat record should result in a very small performace hit, I will give it a try.
even with foreward only cursors how do I get the relative position within the complete table if I start with a record where the field amount is greater than "x"? This record position can be anywhere within the table given the field amount as active index.
Thanks for the hint and yes, that should be the way to go for small or medium table. If you have to deal with up to a million records slSelAry I would be happy to find a more optimized solution.
I'm looking for the best way to size and position a scrollbar for a virtual listview. Do I have to implement my own record counter (via trigger or other method)?
Second I need to know the relative position within the table for the current index in use to calculate the position for the scrollbar.

Any hint about the way to go would be really great.