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Messages - Rudolf Fuerstauer

Thanks for the new documentation.
Normally I only write programs for windows, but it is quite simple.  :)
I just downloaded Lazarus 0.9.30 under Lubuntu and created a program to access Sqlite3.

Before you can use it, you need to install the library:
General Board / Re: The future of SQLitening
February 06, 2013, 03:48:05 AM
That would be awesome if you would continue to support SQLitening.
I have now created a number of programs with SQLitening.
It would be bad if I once again would have to go another way.
General Board / Re: Is Fred OK?
February 04, 2013, 01:50:08 PM
This dreadful news comes as real shock.
It's a Very very sad news, he will be missed.

Rudolf Fuerstauer
That's a great improvement.
Do you already know when this is available?

Thank you!

Thank you for the new version of SQLitening.
I've already tested, works fine.
I have the impression that the data queries running faster.

Fuerstauer Rudolf
Thanks Rolf, that's fantastic!

The link to 'SQL Tuturial' I immediately saved to my linklist.
Now I use 'datetime (' now ',' localtime ')' and it works great.

Would it be possible to add a query to get the time of the server computer?
It is sometimes necessary, if Sqlitening runs remote, that the time of the
client computers is adjusted to the time of the server computer.

With best regards

Rudolf Fuerstauer
Yes, the database name and the password is correct.
I've even tried using another database and see the same behavior.

Hi Rolf,

thank you for the new version, but I can not connect to the database.
I get a connection to the server, but not to the database.

The new version 1.54 is fantastic.

Thank you!

Thank you for this information.

Today I installed Sqlitening on a server in the network and it works normally.
I suspect that there is a problem in my computer.

Thanks for the help, but I think I will soon have a question.
Thanks for the tip,

the work with Sqlitening is very frustrating.
I changed the query
Function GetDatenOrg(ByVal hWnd As Dword, ByVal lOrgGruppe As Long) As Long
    Local lAnzahl           As Long
    Dim sLvwData(20)        As String

    'Daten Org abgefragt
    slSel "SELECT * FROM tbl_Org WHERE Org_OrgGruppe_ID = " & Format$(lOrgGruppe)

    'Daten uebernehmen
    Do While slGetRow

        sLvwData(0) = slF(1)
        sLvwData(1) = slF(2)
        sLvwData(2) = slF(4)
        sLvwData(3) = slF(5)

End Function

and now get the following error message when running slSel:
QuoteSQLite or SQLitening returned the following unexpected message!
-18 = Error sending or receiving message
Statement = Sel SELECT * FROM tbl_Org WHERE Org_OrgGruppe_ID = 1
Is it possible that there may be a timing problem?
When I start the program, I read data from the Database.
The error message occurs later.

In the logfile I can see the following:
Quote111220192349 Admn Strt ==========<[ Start Server 1.52 ]>==========
111220192349 Admn Flgs TrimLogManually=No
111220192349 Admn Flgs LogConnDcon=Yes
111220192349 Admn Flgs LogInvalidInMessage=Yes
111220192349 Admn Flgs CreateDatabaseAllowed=Yes
111220192349 Admn Data MaxChunkSize=500
111220192349 Admn Data ConnectionTimeout=30
111220192349 Admn FACT Non To Load
111220192349 Host LocalHost(  Socket=208  Port=51234  ServiceNameSuffix=
111220192357 Conn #3 SK 208 FuerstauerHP192.168.56.1
111220192359 Dcon #3 TimeOut
111220192416 Conn #7 SK 208 FuerstauerHP192.168.56.1
111220192418 Dcon #7 TimeOut
111220192859 Conn #11 SK 208 FuerstauerHP192.168.56.1
111220192901 Dcon #11 TimeOut


Rudolf F