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1) I had "Receive Emails and Alerts" for this forum, but can't find an email.
2) Forum Look and Layout "Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic"
3) Account setttngs:  email address is current
4) Maybe something more?  Yes, found these under notifications. 

Notifications checked:
Receive forum newsletters, announcements and important notifications by email.
Follow topics I create and reply to
Receive message body in e-mails
How frequently to tell me immediately
Notify me of Replies and moderation

When a new topic is create in a board I follow, I normally want to know via
Receive alert and email checked

When one of my posts is quoted  receive alert and email
When a reply is made to my unapproved top receive alert and email

Personal Messages
If enable, notify me of personal messages from All members
When I receive a new personal message receive email
When I receive a reply to a personal message  receive email

When other members add me as their buddy receive alert (can't check email)
When it's my birthday receive email

Looking again for an email and will recheck my settings.

Thanks, Paul.  8:53 AM CST Sunday July 31, 2022
General Board / Paul Squires
July 30, 2022, 05:54:11 PM
Do you get email notifications?
Here is another test.  Did you receive an email notification on this post #6?
Still haven't heard back from Fredrick.
Other 3 boards just appeared!
142 posts in General board.  Rest are gone, here.
Only general board for me.  Going through settings.

Now there is only the general board.  No email alerts (for others.)
Did you get this one?!
Please click the button on the  end of the reply line and toggle it to Receive Emails and Alerts.
There are probably more things to change and check that you email address is current.
I received a notification Receive Email Notifications and Alerts.  I think something changed for everyone.
This is a test to see if anyone receives a notification by email of this post.
Something may have changed.

"Receive alerts" may have to be changed to "Receive Emails and Alerts" with each new subject?
The button is at the top on the end of the Reply line, click it and change to the last option.

I got an email that you responded.  Did you get an email that I posted this?
Please be sure RECEIVE EMAILS AND ALERTS is toggled on in each forum and your email address is current.
Instead of taking minutes to contact you it takes weeks or months.
Did you get this post?  Please be sure "RECEIVE EMAILS AND ALERTS" is toggled on at the end of the REPLY line.
Did you get an email notification that I posted this response?
If not, please be sure RECEIVE EMAILS AND ALERTS is choosen on the end of the reply line.
There are several options

Yes, all options are "remote" since slConnect is needed.
The server can be on intranet or internet.
The data is unencrypted to and from the server.
Append host port on target line of shortcut to program

Example 1: ip address
c:\sql\bin\program.exe 12345

Example 2: computer name
c:\sql\bin\program.exe computername 12345

Example 3: Dynamic ipaddress using freemyip.com
c:\sql\bin\program.exe cool.freemyip.com 12345

#INCLUDE ONCE "sqlitening.inc"  'program.exe



New features, modifications and possibly bug fixes.