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Now it wasn't the select statements that were the problem, they work as they should. The problem is that the first select statement takes 6 seconds but the next select statement only takes 0.6 seconds.
In a program to find words from a database of 4 million words, I have a timing problem.
If I execute a select statement, for example
and then downloads all the selected data, it takes 6 seconds on a completely just started PC. The second time when I execute another select statement, SELECT * FROM WORDLIST WHERE LANGD = 12, and then retrieve all the selected data, it takes 0.6 seconds. If I exit the program without restarting the PC, restart the program, all the select statements take less than a second.
I've come so far in my research that it's not the Select statement itself that takes time, it's the subsequent fetching of data that takes time.
Anyone have a good explanation?
Many thanks for an exhaustive answer.
/Fim W.
Can a PDF file be stored in a database, if so how?
/Fim W.
Thanks for the advice and instructions. But I have decided to go another way to solve my problem, and it has gone well
How about this in SQlitening.bas
Many thanks. I should have read the manual better.
/Fim W.
Is there any way to find out what locks I have made with slSetRelNamedLocks?
/Fim W.
There is something wrong with this forum. Wise answers disappear. Recently, there was an answer that meant that a row would be added to one of the SQLitening programs. That answer has disappeared. What is going on?
/Fim W.
Thanks for that information
/Fim W.
I previously received some wise answers to my question. But they have disappeared now that I should take up the matter.
Fim W.
After a few changes to my program, everything works as it should. Which of the changes that corrected the error I do not know.
In my system, I handle all processing of a Sql database via a special IO module, a module for each table. Everything works as I had imagined. But in a special case I get error code 7. I have done some tests and it seems I do NOT get error if I make all SQL calls directly in a program without going through an io module.
I get the error after 3732 calls with function GU (get unique).

    SET_NUMMER = slGetUnusedSetNumber
    SVAR = slSel(SEL_STRANG, SET_NUMMER) ' Ska ge noll
    IF SVAR <>  0 THEN
        KOM.FELTEXT = "SYSTEMFEL i ARTIO GU slSel=" + STR$(SVAR)  <<============
        EXIT SUB
    END IF

Tips where to look for errors are gratefully received.
/Fim W.

Thank you, that looks good.
Right now I have other problems.
Will return.
You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / Re: slSelBind
December 29, 2019, 06:15:06 AM
I'll dig into this and see if I understand it.
/Fim W.