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March 05, 2021, 06:42:22 AM


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Your proposal did not affect the situation.
What I can see, a failed INSERT causes the database to be locked when I try with a REPLACE instead. It only applies in local mode. At the moment, I solve it by doing slClose immediately followed by a slOpen. in case of a failed INSERT.
I will return later with an example.
/ Fim W.
I am building a smaller ERP system with Powerbasic and SQLitening. It works as it should when I run in Remote mode. But when I run in Local mode I get "Database locked" every now and then. It does not appear to be a systematic error. Does anyone have a tip where to look for the error?
/Fim W.
Ok, thanks for the answer.
/Fim W.
SELECT strftime('%H:%M:%f','now','localtime')
Is it the timestamp from the server or the client.
I can't find it in the manual, or I'm bad at finding it.

And, if it is from the client, how to get it from the server?
/Fim W
Thank you.
/Fim W.
According to https://sqlite.org/cli.html item 18, two parameters can be used.
This works ok:
sqlite3 winova.db3 .help
But not this:
sqlite3 winova.db3 .read export.sql
Then I got the error message: Usage: .read FILE
Am I doing something wrong or ....
/Fim W
Have you used slCloseSet ?
/Fim W.
You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / Re: Encryption
December 19, 2018, 04:54:40 AM
With sqlitenings encryption you can not use SELECT * FROM TEXT WHERE ORD = 'ab??rice'
but you can do that with SQLite's encryption.
Am I right??

/Fim W.
Many thanks.
Now it works as it should with 32 bit version.
The error was that I had downloaded the 64 bit version.

/Fim W
With version 3.14, everything works as it should.
But with version 3.26 I get the error.
So I have had to switch back to version3.14, and then it works. Strange.

I was wrong, the version that works as i should is 3.7.13
/Fim W
All I've done is to change sqlite3.dll from versions 3.14 to 3.26. Then I get wrong. There is nothing in the log file.
That's what I've solved now.
I'll skip it all.
/Fim W
I have a database of just over 60 tables. The names are always 3 letters, such as ARB, ART, FAB. Now I intend to insert a table description in each table on rowid = 0.
Is it good or bad?
/Fim W.
RMchart is an excellent product, but .....
It's dead, no further development, wondering if the product's author is still alive.