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Will "slGetUnusedSetNumber" give you zero i any case?
The test with SELECT * FROM PARTS was done local, not over the lan. It was done from the command prompt with SQLITE3.EXE.  And data was just put into a file, noting more. But the table PARTS has 135 columns so 10 second is very god I think. Therefore I think the execution time of the slSel is 10 seconds.
I will do some test with my method, doing slsel with limit 1000 and try to do updates from another program and see if there are any locking problems. I will report the result.
"Like this the database itself is locked only for a very short time."
Short time in my aplication must be <0.5 second.
I tested SELECT * FROM PARTS;  with 53,000 rows, output to a file, about 10 seconds.
So, if I change the LIMIT to 1000, the lock time will be less then 0.5 second and I will call the server with slsel about 50 times. How about that?
Remote Mode only.
Ok, suppose I have a program that will do some computation for each part in the table
As far as I can see, the database-file is locked for INSERT and UPDATE during the time another process is doing a
1 Is too complex for mee
2 Have tested, works fine
3 Is perfect, I use i now.

/ Fim W.
I know that I can use 'slExe "Create Table If Not Exists ART(...."'
But I want to do other things in PowerBasic when a table does not exist.
Is there a good way to test if a table exist or not?
/Fim W
I have a program (PowerBasic) A.EXE which is calling U1.DLL and U2.DLL in order to