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Messages - Marty Francom

I have a strange situation.   I have a customer that is
getting the message  "Maximum Connections Exceeded"

I believe this message is coming from SQLitening (but I am not sure).
Fred:    Is this a message that SQLitening might generate?

If so, then it might be generating in error.   Here's the situation:
My customer has has two work stations.  One is a laptop.
If both workstations are connected to the database and he shut down his laptop and takes it home. Then when he comes back and recoonectes to the Network and tries to run the application which connects to the database, he will then get the  "Maximum Connections Exceeded"  error.    He then must shut down and restart the SQLiteningServer  before he is able to reconnect both workstations.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this problem?
In my program I have a field for Initial  (single character field)  If a  + - . character is put in that field and the record is saved, then I get an:
     SQLite or SQLitening error            1 = near "+" : syntax error

Field is a character field.  Are character fields of 1 character long not allowed to have a  + - or .  character in them?   Why is that ?

I decided to use: 
   Replace$ chr$(0,43,0) with chr$(0,0) in sFld$
to remove these troublesome characters.   Is there a better way to handle the problem?  Are there other characters that would cause this problem?

Well, I still must be missing something.  When I try to save a record the data in the fields is not being saved.  Here's what I am doing.  Where am I going wrong?

wStr = "rowid = " & FF_Control_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGrowid)          ' SgROWID

    lSgF =  "SgLine1a, Sgline2a, SgLine3a, " & _
                "SgLine1b, Sgline2b, SgLine3b, " & _
                "SgLine1c, Sgline2c, SgLine3c" 
      t = Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGLine1A)) & $Nul & _
          Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGLine2A)) & $Nul & _
          Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGline3A)) & $Nul & _
          Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGLine1B)) & $Nul & _
          Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGLine2B)) & $Nul & _
          Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGLine3B)) & $Nul & _
          Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGLine1C)) & $Nul & _
          Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGLine2C)) & $Nul & _
          Trim$(FF_TextBox_GetText (HWND_FormSIGinfo_txtSIGLine3C))

         slExeBind slBuildInsertOrUpdate("SigRecs", "?", lSgF, wStr) , slBuildBindDat(t)

If I use SQLiteExpert and paste the foreign language phase into the appropreate field of the database.  It is accepted and is saved correctly.   However, when I retrieve the field from the database and display it in a textbox then characters no longer appear the same as they are in the database (when viewed using SQLiteExpert).
Do I need to use a different technique to retrieve foreign language data from a field in the database?
duh... I should have realized that.... thanks for your patients.
    When I was setting up the SQLiteningServer using Windows Server Manager.  I noticed a strange character at the end of the path  (see picture).   Is that supposed to be there?    The reason i ask is because I have been having problems with the server not properly restarting.  I have it set to Automatically restart.   Just want to rule out that this is the cause of the problem.
    Ok,  Thanks..  What should the variable  t  contain?   Is  t = "" 
slBuildInsertOrUpdate("SigRecs", "?", lSgF, wStr), slBuildBindDat(t)
OK...Thanks....  Zoom seems to work best for my browser. 
Quote from: Fred Meier on December 20, 2010, 09:36:31 am
SQLite will not convert any characters.  Whatever you insert into a field
is what you will get back. 

What you posted is Unicode, 2 bytes per character.  If you insert that
using slExeBind (cause Unicode contains binary zeros), then that is what
you will get back, no conversion. 

    I tried using  slExeBind  but get an error:  parameter mismatch.    I was just trying to change my original call
          rc = slExe (slBuildInsertOrUpdate("SigRecs", t, lSgF, wStr))
          rc = slExeBind (slBuildInsertOrUpdate("SigRecs", t, lSgF, wStr))

What parameter is missing and what should it be?
    The default Font Size on this forum is too small.  My old eyes can barely read the messages.       Is it possible for you to  increase the default font size for the forum to say  10 or 12 point ?


I am having a  a problem when I save a foreign language text to the SQLite database.   Some  foreign language characters are being saved to the database as a   ?   instead of  trhe correct language caharacter.   For example  (Vietnamese)

    U?ng 1 vi

   I had a simular problem.  The  solution for me was to put a timer on the prgram that would, every 2 minutes,  issue an SQLitening command to get  record 1 in a Table in my SQL database.

Are there any practical limits for the SQLiteningServer ?

I have a customer that wants to host on his server upto 100 SQLite databases. 
Each database will have a different name but have the same structure (same table names same field names)
All databases will reside in the same directory with the SQLiteningServer software.
The databases will be accessed remotely by up to several hundred users.
With heavy use of the server is there any chance that the server could return information to the wrong user?
Or, worse, post info to the wrong database.

What are the worst case senerios?   And how can I protect against problems?

With many databases being accessed an nearly the same time who might this effect performace of SQLitening?   

Are there any practical limits to the number of databases the SQLiteningServer can handle at any one time?
Does the computer need to be in Administrator mode to be able to install  SQLiteningServer  ?
Quote from: Fred Meier on September 17, 2010, 08:45:42 pm

I suggest you stop and uninstall SQLiteningServer and then just install it (don't start) and check what the Service Startup Type is.

    I tried your suggestion.  Still have the problem that after a reboot the server does not get started.   However,
when I run SQLiteningServerAdmin  it says  indicates that SQLiteningServer  is already running  but the my application gets a  -16  Can Not Connect error message.

    I found a work around, I now test for the error  -16 and when found I shell to SQLiteningServerAdmin  and then select  "STOP"  then select  "START"  then exit the admin program and my app tries to connect again.   This does work and my app successfully connects to the SQL db.

    Fred,  Is there a silent mode for the SQLiteningServerAdmin ?       That  is, can it be shelled to using a command line argument that would be acted upon immediately and silently?    Somethink like:
        shell   "SQLiteningServerAdmin Argument"

Arguments being  Start,  Stop,  Uninstall,  Install

If this feature does not currently exist,  would it be possible to add it?

.....MY BAD.....    This feature is avaialable in version 1.40
From new docs:

Add a quiet mode parm to SQLiteningServerAdmin so it can be run
from a script without any user messages to answer. Pass the Q command
line parm proceeded with a / or - (OS standard). The Q must be followed
by a numerical value for the action requested as follows:
1 = Install
2 = Start --- will first Install if required
3 = Install and Start
4 = Stop
8 = Uninstall --- will first Stop if required
12 = Stop and Uninstall
16 = Reload Config
This program will return the following codes if in Quiet mode:
0 = All OK
1 = Can't perform request, service in wrong status
2 = Request failed.
9 = Service in unknown or invalid status

I am helping another client setup SQLitening and have run into this message:

   "Server Failed To Install"

I tryed using the IP address and the ComputerName in the  HOSTS= statement   got same message

Also, tryed to temporarily dissable their  Norton Security.   Still got the same message.

Is there something else I might be able to do?