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December 10, 2019, 04:51:31 am


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Messages - Fredrick Ughimi

>>Very interesting read:

Thanks for the link. Interesting read.
Hello CJ,

>>I got Hamachi to connect, but didn't go any further.

How did you do it?
Hi CJ,

>>I will also add AES256 to SQLitening TCP within a few days.

That will be great.

>>NordVPN worked great.

Were you able to test without payment. Do they have a trial version? Anyway let's see how Hamachi goes.
I was able to sign in and completed downloading and installation. I could not see any help or tutorial file, just the community forum. I did a search for 'getting started' and tutorial and could not anything useful.

Is it that easy that there is no need for the help or tutorial file?
Thanks CJ,

>>Free up to 5 users, $49 a year for 32 users.

I would like to test the free package for 5 users first before purchase.

I am downloading Hamachi from https://vpn.net/
Hello CJ,

That is interesting. I would like to try it out from here.
Hello CJ,

Thanks. This is quite useful

I would try it out in a couple of days time.
Hello CJ,

Thank you for your response.

>>If using the server everyone can share the server without a problem.

Yes I intend to use the server.

The question is how to physically connect the server computer to the client computers. We have 11 remote locations that would want to connect to the server over the internet and 8 client computers that would be connected to server on a LAN since they are in the same building with the server computer.

Best regards.
I know there are security concerns using SQLitening over the Internet. Would using SocketTools with SQLitening solve the security issues?

Just wondering if SQLitening can be used on a LAN and at the same time over the Internet. I imagine a scenario where users (staff) use the SQLitening Application on a LAN while the Boss accesses or uses the application over the Internet from a remote location.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Hello CJ & Bern,

Thank you for helping out to find a solution to this.

I think I would along with Bern's version as I have been able to add more fields to it and implement it.

I haven't been able to make CJ's version work for me. I still intend to take another look at it later on.

Thank you guys, I appreciate your efforts and I have learnt a lot from this.

Best regards.
Sqlite3 supports CTEs from version 3.8.3 (see https://www.sqlite.org/changes.html). Not sure what SQLite DLL I have installed. I would check later on.


The relational key to all three tables is the HospitalNo and in a many to many relationship.

>>Do payments have to be applied to invoices for some unknown reason?

Yes. Since the hospitals allows installment payments. Invoices are not completely paid for by the patient. Invoices carries the total bill, while the Payment Received table carries the amount paid by the patient.

>>Is this a running system?

Yes, it is.


What are you guys reading to understand CTEs apart from the official documentation? Is it a new feature added to SQLite? It seems CTEs are powerful arsenal (a supporter of Arsenal by the way) to have.

Kind regards.
CJ, Same error near HospitalNo


#INCLUDE "sqlitening.inc"

 slOpen ("HospitalProDB.db3", "C")

FUNCTION ReportDebtors() AS LONG
 slSel "With Bills(HospitalNo,TotalBill) As (Select HospitalNo, Total(Amount) + Total( Quantity * SellingPrice - Discount) " & _
          "From tblCashSales " & _
          "Left OUTER JOIN tblBill On tblCashSales.HospitalNo = tblBill.HospitalNo " & _
          "GROUP BY HospitalNo" & _
      "Select [b]HospitalNo[[/b] From Bills " & _
          "Left OUTER JOIN tblPayments On Bills.HospitalNo = tblPayments.HospitalNo " & _
          "WHERE TotalBill > Total( tblPayments.Amount) " & _
          "GROUP BY HospitalNo"
    DO WHILE slGetRow()
      ? slf(1)
END FUNCTION             
Thanks CJ. I would give it a shot in the morning.