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Messages - Fredrick Ughimi

That was the problem. Thank you.
Hello, I get this error - can not get routine "sqlite3_shutdown" each time I exit my program. I am using local mode. Kind regards.

Error was - Error 1 no sure column: 20100214.


Removed the brackets. Working now. Thank you.

Hello Fred,                                        I thought slExeBind could also be used for parameterised query. The above query ain't working. Could someone help me spot the problem.
Hello All,

How do I accomplish the query below using slExeBind? The slExeBind examples used in sample programs isn't really clear to me.

slSel "SELECT * FROM tblPayments WHERE [Date] BETWEEN [" & sFrom & "] AND [" & sTo & "] AND [Depositor] = '" + sDepositor + "' "

Kind regards,
You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / Re: Move Next
February 10, 2010, 03:33:43 pm
Thank you Fred for the explanation.

Thank you for the clarification because I use these codes in all parts of my program.

Best regards,
You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / Re: Move Next
February 10, 2010, 12:35:04 pm
Hello Bern,

>>Are you wanting to advance the pointer without retrieving the current row?

Sort of.

Lets say I move to the first record like this:

slSEL "Select RowID as RecordNo, * From T1 ORDER BY rowid LIMIT 1"

The code below works just ones when I click the control button. My next click don't retrieve anything because of the LIMIT 2 I have set.

slSEL "Select RowID as RecordNo, * From T1 ORDER BY rowid limit 2"
Do While slGetRow()

How do I get the next record on each click?

Kind regards,
You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / Move Next
February 10, 2010, 07:40:33 am

How do you move from the first record to the next record?

Kind regards,
Hello Fred,

>>You shold get error -13 if you have assigned Integer Primary Key to a column and you ask for RowId, *.   Post your Create Table statement and Select statement.

Are you saying one would get error -13 in remote mode if one does this?

slExe "Create Table If Not Exists T1 (F1 Integer Primary Key, F2)"
slSEL "SELECT RowID as RecordNo, * FROM T1 WHERE F1 = '" + Str$ + "'"

Please clarify.

Best Regards,
Hello Rolf & Fred,

Thanks for the insight.  :)

Best regards,
I guess so.

Quote From David Kenny. Here: http://www.sqlitening.com/support/index.php?topic=2946.0

Local mode" means that a program is accessing the database directly.  It can be accessing a database on a network share, or on a local drive.  But the important part is that the program is directly accessing the database,...

Kind regards,

Stumbled on this link:


Probably, my question is already answered here.

Would I be right to say, one would use the Local Mode on a Pier to Pier Network?

Kind regards,

I'm curious here as to what mode (Local or Remote) to use if I need to have my program run on a Pier to Pier Network. No Server. All computers connected as clients, but the program residing in one of the clients and then creating shortcut of the exe on all other clients. Program working as a file server.

Best regards,
Welcome Bogdan Ureche.  :)