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Welcome Arran!

Quote127.0.0.1 does not work.
It will work only, if the cliet application is on the same machine as the server.

Instead of the IP adress ( you can also use the name of the computer, like "MyClientNo1" or whatever name your computer has. This is usually the better solution. Sometimes the DNS Server might assign a new ip adress to your client computer and the client will not find the server anymore. If you use the server's name this will be no problem.

Wellcome Johnny,

I guess you have found it.

CJ - you are perfectly correct! Have to make some changes to it.

If you experience problems with chm files in newer Windows OS versions you might want to try out SumatraPDF. It displays Chm, Pdf, Epub, and various other files. It is free and you can download it here:


Could you post the code for the slGetRow part?

Welcome to the club,

I am 64 living in Germany (a little south of you) and I love SQLitening. I am using it with PowerBasic and FireFly.

The nice thing about SQLitening is that you can use the same code for local and network mode. slConnect is all that makes the difference.

The password is not used in slConnect but in slOpen. In other words anbody can connect to the database but must have the password to open any of the tables and do something with the database.

Code Example:
r = slOpen("mydatabase.db3" & $Bs & svrpassword, "E0")
slAttach "anotherdb.db3" & $Bs & svrpassword,"Status"

Hope that helps.

I think Gary is probably right.

Could you give us the comple Error message? Usually you would ge a message like "Syntax error near ...". That might help.

Welcome Anthony,

I hope you will enjoy SQLitening. There is no easier way to set up a Client-/Server-Environment than with SQLitening.

Hi Marty,

Here's the INI setup for remote mode:

DBpath=\RSI Easy Script\WexPrescribers
;IP= (your servers IP address or the Computer's name)

The problem is in this line:
DBpath=\RSI Easy Script\WexPrescribers

it rather should be:
DBpath=RSI Easy Script\WexPrescribers

No slash is needed in remote mode, The FileName is assumed to be relative to the folder which the service is running from.
(See helpfile under slOpen)


Welcome Vincent,

I also start db programming with dBaseIII and Clipper (mostly with Clipper of Summer 87 and Clipper 5).

I had understood that, Skip. But unfortunately SQLite does not provide that. I had searched for that previously, but without success.

A possible solution would be to change the SQLiteningServer code to provide this functionality.