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It's not that many users that are logging onto the SQLitening Server at the same time. My typical customers are smaller taxi cab or courier service companies with between 5 and 80 vehicles, the majority about 15 to 20 vehicles.

These vehicles communicate with a comm server via an GPRS / UMTS connection. The comm server writes its data to SQLitening.

Additionally two or three dispatchers are logged on, usually one or two from the office staff, and probably the boss who is checking what's going on.

The main work load comes from the comm server which calls SQLitening about 30 to 50 times a minute. I am going to reduce this by collecting the comm server data and then flush them to the database. But for now it is great to see how fast SQLitening is responding and doing it's work. The amount of data coming from the comm server is very small.

The major work is done by calls to slBuildInsertOrUpdate plus some SQL queries.

I think I am not half as advanced in SQLitening as you are. When I follow your threads then I must say you delved really deep into the matter, and I am learnig a lot from that.

As I mentioned before I am running SQLitening on a Windows7 machine since March 2009. The last time a started that machine new was around April 15 - and that was not because either the Windows7 beta or SQLitening gave any problems.

SQLitening produced no errors whatsoever. It reminds me of an old Volkswagen Beetle commeercial of the 60's and 70's:

It runs and runs and runs and runs and ...

I have a small communication server running on that machine that connects to a fleet of vehicles with Windows CE devices. The vehicles are continually polled for GPS position and status, the data is written into a status database. A fleet client (a Mappoint based application) pulls its data from there to visualize status and position of the cars.

Besides that one or more dispatching clients get and write the order, customer and other data from the SQLitening server. On the average SqLitening has to handle between 50 and 100 request per minute. And it doew this absolutely flawlessly.

(You can find some more information about the system here http://www.taxisoftware.eu. But it is in German only.)

The speed is awesome. I test the dispatching client also on an Asus EEE Netbook via an mobile phone based internet connection (UMTS/HDSPA), performance is great!

Fred - this is an awesome product!

Rolf Brandt
I have SQLitening installed on a Windows7 machine. To install and start the service you have to execute SQLiteningServerAdmin.exe as admin of course.

Ran some test with VB6 and PB. I accessed the server from an XP and a Vista machine via LAN and WAN.

Works flawlessly so far!

Hello Fred,

I will do some testing of these routines under VB6. My main commercial projects are written in VB6 and I will replace some database routines with SQLitening anyway.

Thanks Fred,

that worked!

In a VB6 app if I try to write a number with a leading zero - 0234 for example - to a text field then slBuildInsertOrUpdate will always format it as '234'.

slExeVB slBuildInsertOrUpdateVB("gsmServices", "0171" & Chr(0) & "T-Mobile", "gsmPrefix,gsmService")

The field 'gsmPrefix' is a text field.

Background: The field holds area codes which start in Germany always with a zero.

New Pdf Documentation for version 1.11 added. See beginning of Thread.

Rolf Brandt
Hi all,

there is a newer version of the help file with more features. It can be downloaded at the beginning of the thread. Looks a little nicer too.

Hi Paul, hi Fred,

I have Fred's documentation also availabe as Pdf and Html files. I also would continue to update these documentation files in the future. Of course I would also make the project files available.

Here is the Pdf file.

I have prepared a helpfile (chm) from Fred's text file documentation. Might be helpful.

For help project files, pdf, html, etc. contact me.


Helpfile was updated Jan 16, 2008


The help file is now included in the project documentation. So if you downloaded the latest version of SQLitening (v1.11) you have it already. Additionally I put here the Pdf documentation of the latest version.

Rolf Brandt

Helpfile and Pdf updated.

Rolf Brandt

Current Help File and Pdf can now be found in the SQLitening v1.20 download at http://www.planetsquires.com/files/sqlitening_120.zip.

Rolf Brandt
Hello Marc,

in the config file on the server you have to tell SQLitening the local IP adresses under Hosts. Here is an example that works on my network:

Hosts = LocalHost,,
(These IP adresses are the IP's of the server, not the client!!! In my case 25 is the LAN connection, 27 the WLAN connection.)

On the client machine you would connect with this command:
slConnect ""

(No need to set the port if you use the standard port.)

Works perfect here and is as the name implies "litening fast".

Exactly. On a Vista machine I usually install programs that might write to files in its own directory in a folder like C:\Tools\myapp. Then things work.

I am using SQLightning on a Vista machine and it runs absolutely perfect.

This is absolutely great!
SQLitening Server running as a Service...

I am going to test how to implement this in some of my apps.

Thank you, Paul, this made my day!
And a big 'Thank you' to Fred Meier of course!

Rolf Brandt
Hello Paul,

I am planning to use SQLite3 Client/Server for the next version of my Taxi/Ambulance Dispatching software.

One thing I would love to see is that the server could be run as a service or at least be minimized to the notification area.

Meanwhile I will do some performance tests.

So please don't give it up!