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Welcome Isaac.

You will like it.

General Board / Re: Spam attack
April 10, 2013, 04:15:18 AM
Looks nice and clean now!
Thank you.

General Board / Spam attack
April 05, 2013, 05:16:26 AM
Can this Spam attack be stopped? Could that nonsense be removed?

QuoteService only starts automatically if started using Computer Management console.
Is this normal?  It was set to automatic, but rebooting does not start the server.
I restarted server from Comptuer Management console and now reboots restart the server.

I experienced that sometimes too on Win2008 servers, but never was able to find out what makes the difference. On some it works, on some not.

You can open more than one dataset at the same time, for example with the slSel statement.

If you create a dataset with slSel and omit the SetNumber then SetNumber will always be 0. If you create the set with a specific number than you have to reference this SetNumber in other functions.
I have not experienced any problems yet.

QuoteI am currently using SQlite (installed on different machines in a LAN) to read/write to the same database,
without using a server (using transactions to begin/commit updates and replaces)

Can SQlitening be used in that mode as well (without the server)?
Yes, you can use it that way too. Even the code you use would be the same. You just would omit the slConnect command. Then SQLitening works in direct mode, just as a shell to SQLite.

QuoteIf yes, what is the advantage over using SQlite directly?
If your program runs local on one machine your program would run slightly faster. No configuration of the server is needed.

QuoteIf yes, what is the advantage of using the server of SQlitening?
In a network environment the server has its big advantage. If you open a database always the whole file is loaded into memory. If this is done local it is no problem, but in a network - especially if access is slow - this can cause a considerable time lag.

Let's say you have a database with some 50,000 records. The size of the database is maybe 20 megabytes. If you want to read or add just one record you always would to need transfer 20 mb over the network. If you use the server there is only the few bytes of the record that is transferred. The server has the database opened locally and does the real work. The client sends or receives just the raw data. Network load is very small. Data transmission would be a lot faster.

Besides that the server will also handle the locking of the database for you. Locks, while reading or writing to the database, will be imposed only for milliseconds by the server. In direct mode locks will be definetely imposed for a longer time. You would need to implement code to handle such situations. The bigger your databases get the slower your program would work in a multiuser environment if you use direct mode. Using the client-/server mode will speed things up.
Hello Leon,

you should use the slBuildInsertOrUpdate command. The help file has examples for adding a new record and for updating an existant record.
Hi Fredrick,

did you try a Database_Repair or / and a Database_Vacuum?

So far I had this error only once - and that was this weekend. It is probably a corrupted index. I rebuilt all indexes with SQLiteExpert and the database was running ok again.

General Board / Re: Is Fred OK?
February 20, 2013, 11:40:13 AM
I think it was most probably his wife Lynda or one of his children.

Welcome Dude - you found it!

Hi Steve,

would an empty string be ok? Then you could insert an '' (two apostrophes).

Instead of LTRIM$(STR$(PRICELEVEL)) you can use Format$(PRICELEVEL).

Format$ does the same like Str$ but will not add a leading space.