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July 06, 2020, 01:56:42 pm


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Messages - D. Wilson

I agree with Mike. I'd like to see a solid demo. I am not interested in .Net. I am very interested in Power Basic as my next development tool. I am really interested in Egrid32. Firefly does look like a nice GUI tool also.
Avoiding ADO,DAO is the number one reason I am so interested in this project. I have used Tsunami and TTDS. But would love to have a more SQL based database engine with server capabilities.
Old habits are hard to break. I like VB6 for the speed. I utilize Farpoint Spread for all my grid needs. Additionally I have numerous VB6 programs used by serveral businesses. They are more inclined to have me 'patch' the software; rather than doing a complete rewrites. My experience has shown VB6 to be a very solid and stable programming environment.

That being said.. I am going to look at switching to Power Basic and Egrid32 looks like a solid choice. However I still am going to support my legacy applications.

I found this an visual tool that enables you to easily administer your SQLite3 databases.
They offer a free personal edition.

Thanks for help. I am looking to see what solution we can come up with.
Any help would be appreciated.

Also do the dlls need to be registered with windows ??
I have a set of programs written in VB6. They used some custom controls. I used Tsunami Record Manager as the Database. I would like to upgrade to Sqlitening.

I understand I will have to change the .inc file. However there is a reference to Quad datatype.

Declare Function slGetInsertID lib "SQLitening.Dll" alias "slGetInsertID" () as Quad

Can I just change the quad datatype or does that have to be done on the dll?.

That was one thing that was nice about Tsunami. There was headers for all the popular programming languages.

Any help that I could receive would be greatly appreciated.