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You need to check the versions of the sqlitening programs. 

You can use Version 1.5 dlls with a 1.6 server they must match.

If my memory is correct the Sqliteningzlib.dll doesn't need to match. It is a ZLib compression dll that is simply renamed.
Just my 2 cents. Make sure the versions match (the server and the client files). Do not mix them up. If you update the server update the client files and any other associated files. I ran into a problem in the past with this issue. Lesson learned -- lesson shared.
My guess is there is an issue with the column/row delimiter. I do not know how the delimiters are added when you try and retrieve the entire table.

I do not use the the command you used. I use the 'special' version of the dll. I loop through the rows and process each value by using the field name. I wish I could be more helpful.

In my experience I have never had an issue the SQLitening losing data. If you have proper error checking you can determine if there is an issue when updating records. And I have never lost information when retrieving data from the database.
Have you tried to loop through row by row to see if the data is there. My thought is the datasource property may not recongize the data,
General Board / Re: Future
February 03, 2014, 11:45:22 pm
Thanks for the response.

Personally I would prefer to have you maintain the forum. Also It would be nice to have one 'official' set of code for the server.

Bottom line for me is -- SQLitening works great for my needs. I have just installed a full system on a Windows 7 network and everything works flawless. And I have done some testing on Windows 8 and so far everything is great. 
General Board / Future
February 03, 2014, 08:09:09 pm
I have noticed a lot of activity on the Power Basic Forums regarding companies (including Paul's) severing ties with Power Basic. The question I have is where does that leave us ?? Who is hosting the forum ?? I know SQLitening is open source but we never know what the future holds.
One possiblity is to look at the wireless adapter and change the power settings to not shut off the adapter. I had a Windows 7 Notebook that would give the Blue Screen Of Death - and that is what the issue was. When I did not shut the adapter off problem solved.

Personally -- I never leave a connection open to server. When I need to get data from the server I connect ,get my data and disconnect.
I don't know if this is the best method but it works for me.
If other users have thoughts on this I would appreciate your opinions/thoughts.
You've got Questions? We've got Answers! / Windows 7
October 01, 2013, 10:08:18 pm
Ok I have to break some habits. I have always created my own directory (not under Program Files) and placed my program/data files  in those directories. I have found this to be very reliable in the past and has worked excellent for my needs.

But with Windows 7 -- Windows will not allow you to save to those directories without  setting the program to Administor level. However when I set a program for Adminstrator access - I get the pop up asking if I would like to allow the program to make changes to the computer.

It also does not like the app.path statement to get the path of the software. I used to create a file there where I kept all my settings.

What is the best approach to saving data and allowing user permissions on Windows 7 ??

Also does this effect SQLitening running in the client/server mode ??

Any thoughts or  advice would be greatly appreciated.

I did this on before.

I had several images for an inventory item. The images were a fixed size (Or I scaled them to be) I then merge the individual pictures to create on wide image. I then created a picture box and adjusted the left position of the picture to show the image I wanted. By looking a the width of the image I could tell how many 'pictures' made up the image.
I am considering utilizing some characters in the extended character set. Ascii value greater than 127 and less than 255. I would like to use them as field delimiters in a field (I want to combine several fields into one before sending it the database).

Do you think this would raise any issues in using them in a sqlite database. I am going to do some testing. But I thought I would put it out and see what other think or what they have experienced.

I do not use c#, But I do program in VB6. I utilize the 'Special Version' of the dll. I have had outstanding success with it. I would try and use that version. Most of the interaction is with strings,longs. All the declarations have the data type.

I can not recommend sqlitening enough. It is a wonderful piece of software.

If I can help you at all let me know.
General Board / Power Basic Down ??
July 23, 2013, 01:24:17 am
For the past two days I have been trying to access the power basic website. I have not been able to. Is anyone else having the same issues
CJ can you elaborate on what you are finding. Should I use float or not assign any data type for the field

I have an sqlite reference book and it stated that the field data types are ignored. And data put in the database is stored and retreived.

What I found it is if i enter a zero in the field. It retreives the records properly. So I wrote a routine and if a numeric field is blank I insert a zero. In a way this is a good thing. I never have to be concerned about nulls. And my queries seem to work properly.
Digging into this now. I agree that sqlite does not have hard assignments regarding field data type.
When I used then slsgetfielddatatype function. It return the all the numeric fields are float and the blank fields are text. I use the slsbuildinsertorupdate function to build the sql query. I looked at then sql syntax and it looks good.
I use the the slsFN function to return the value. I am going to go back to my original conversion. and if the value is 0 I am going to put zero instead of a blank field.

I created a database and have a set declared as numeric. I used an external program and the database structure says the field is numeric. I imported a bunch of data in the table. But I am having trouble retrieving data from the table.

I know there are 0 values (THE NUMBER ZERO)  in the table.
When I query                            SELECT * from Table WHERE fieldname =0        it returns nothing
When I query                            SELECT * from Table WHERE fieldname = '0'      it return the expected results ????
When I query                            SELECT * from Table WHERE fieldname > 0        it returns nothing
When I query                            SELECT * from Table WHERE fieldname =1.15    if returns the expected results.

All my other querys work great. It seem to be related to 0 (zero) queries.

I have used the is null syntax and sqlite does not return any value (as expected) I know the fields have a value.

I have spent over 4 hours trying to figure this out. I think I am having a 'senior' moment (But I am not that old). What am I missing. Any help/insights would be appreciated.