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Two questions

Started by Edwin Knoppert2, May 16, 2008, 02:44:09 pm

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Edwin Knoppert2


I have two questions.

Can i have multiple session handles in a single process?
The example shows only one handle, i would like to use multiple handles.

A lot of the functions have parameters byref, but there does not really seems a need for this.
Suggestions is to make these byavl, it's more clear what  get's changed and what will not.


Paul Squires

Hi Edwin,

Very nice to hear from you! It's not very often that we get to talk.
You should be able to have multiple session handles open in a single process, although I am not sure it would be of any great benefit to do so. Not sure why I made those parameters ByRef.... probably just so copies of strings wouldn't be made for performance reasons. I agree with you that its better for me to make them ByVal. Thanks!

Edwin Knoppert2

Someon asked me to make an example..
I will make use of an object since it will be autodestructed by the PowerBASIC compiler.
this way i am sure session and connection is terminated properly.

My wrappers use byval in most cases, the byref is just confusing but i already thought it was not required per se.

I seen remarks of your server before and i had no real use for it but after all the idea of remote access is actually a neat one.
Also that sqlite.dll can be installed at any location.
though it's replace by other parts, but i guess the client code is also available for direct inclusion.
Not investigated that yet.

At this moment i have little use for this server but someone asked so..