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SQLite development

Started by Bob Houle, September 04, 2007, 11:49:31 AM

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Bob Houle

What are you adding to SQLite to make it more robust?

They've indicated that their program wasn't suited to larger database projects, etc. (one of the reasons, I've shied away from it)

I also see that a new version of SQLite is in the works (ver 3.50 alpha) that may be incompatible with 3.4.2
Have you had a chance to play with it?

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Paul Squires

Hi Bob,

I didn't realize that there was ver 3.5 alpha floating around. I will certainly take a look at it. What am I adding to SQLite to make it more robust? Well, client/server capability is the only thing that I am adding. One of the beefs that I normally hear about SQLite is that it is great as an embedded database system but performs poorly in a multiuser setting because of locking (granted, version 3 is much, much, better with locking than version 2 was).

I have been playing with SQLite for a couple of weeks now and it is an excellent database product. Sure, it's probably not suited to an enterprise wide, 1000 user, multiple location system.... but for 99% of our everyday applications, I bet that it is just perfect. For situations where huge servers like MySQL, SQL Server, FireBird, Postgresql, etc... are overkill, then SQLite fits the bill nicely.

I assume that you are referring to this web page: http://www.sqlite.org/whentouse.html  As you can see, I am trying to fill the void described under bullet 1 in the section "Situations Where Another RDBMS May Work Better".

Paul Squires <br />http://www.planetsquires.com<br />support@planetsquires.com

Bob Houle

I agree with you that most larger database systems are overkill for most users (everyone but the most ambitious developers, that's not me.)  :D

If I could have 40 to 60 tables and robust enough for 30 users... I'd be happy to dump our Pervasive accounting system... too hard to get anything meaningful out of it, so I'd like to roll my own.

It was too lonely at the top