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Error 26 during SQL3_use

Started by David L Morris, September 11, 2007, 10:29:32 PM

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David L Morris

Hi Paul.  I have tested your examples well.  Today, I tried with an existing database which has multi tables covering television commercials of clients, products and advertisers during a single week of broadcasts.  I had previously used this database to do a concept development using Don Dickinson's SQLite example code.  That development works quite well, however, I modified your catalog.bas to connect but get the error.  Perhaps you con advise what error 26 really means before I continue?

Moments later!! - I realise the database is an SQLite2 created in 2004 and NOT an SQLite3.  I might arrange an upgrade.

Paul Squires


Hi David - happy to hear that you found the error. Also, very happy to hear that you're using the the sql3server code to connect to your database! Lots more new stuff to come. Keep an eye out for it.
Paul Squires <br />http://www.planetsquires.com<br />support@planetsquires.com

David L Morris

I am going well, having first used the SQLite.exe to .dump the table, from the SQLite2 database, out to a text file. Next, I used the SQLite3.exe to create a new database, then used .read FILENAME to execute the SQL script to create the table and import the records in the SQLite3 databas.

This SQLite3 database can be read without errors, both through the server and directly by commenting out the line errcode = sql3_connect( hSession, sSQL ) line.

Will you be publishing the code for your sql3server.exe Paul?

Paul Squires

Hi David,

Yes, my ultimate goal is to publish the source code for the server and also the administration program (FireFly3 project). However, before I do that I want to get the code a little further along. It is still a bit rough at this stage.  :)

Paul Squires <br />http://www.planetsquires.com<br />support@planetsquires.com