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Name this thing?

Started by Paul Squires, September 21, 2007, 03:53:48 PM

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Paul Squires

September 21, 2007, 03:53:48 PM Last Edit: June 29, 2008, 07:42:41 PM by TechSupport
Does anyone have a suggestion on what to name this SQLite client/server beast?

Maybe SQL-Comet ? I always like "comet" for a database/index name. I had used it for the indexing system that was part of the new Cheetah 4 code.

David Kenny

This one is kind of tongue in cheek. But how about "Cheetah II (the SeQueL)"

David :P

Marty Francom

How about   Lightning-SQL

Sort of relates to FireFly.... 

tom cone jr

Hey, Marty, I like that one!

Bob Houle

After reading some colourful reading on Newfoundland's earlier years and one of Paul's ancestors (Sir Richard Squire), I finally found the perfect source... "The Dictonary of Newfoundland English"  http://www.heritage.nf.ca/dictionary/d7ction.html

How about Whizgig... 'object that whizzes around'
How about Papoose ... 'A beaver in its first year'

Well I tawt it was a good idea.  :P
It was too lonely at the top

James Klutho


Paul Squires

Michael Sydenham

I guess it depends on whether or not it's a good idea to retain the SQLite name in this product's name. I quite like mikedoty's suggestion of 'SQLiteConnect'. I'm personally not partial to hyphenated names. If you liked Comet, then maybe use 'Comet' or 'Fireball' by itself. Just my 2c at this stage..

Paul Squires

Having SQLite in the name would certainly help when people google. To be honest, I am not partial to any name at the moment - whatever the masses want, the masses shall have. :)

I will let this thread run its course and then probably put the suggestions in a poll for people to vote on.

Bob Houle

SQL-Fireball.... might be confusing with Firebird SQL.

I agree having SQLite in the name will result in a more popular product since you'll get more Google hits.

how about... SQLiteServer?

It was too lonely at the top

Paul Squires

Ah, yes, I had forgotten about FireBird. Maybe I should look in the Nfld Dictionary of English as well :)  Actually, I'm afraid of what I might find there!

Marty Francom

Paul,   If your forum allows 'POLLS' maybe you could start a poll using the suggested names and let your customers vote for the name they like best.

tom cone jr

Paul, when you get down to voting please feel free to drop my suggestion.  My effort to piggy back on the "Lite" in "SQLite" back fired.  The name "Lite C/S" suggests an underpowered or weak client server system, which was not my intention.  -- tom