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Server ini file (proposal)

Started by Paul Squires, April 18, 2008, 02:49:13 PM

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Paul Squires

I have been thinking about the server and how to set up a configuration for it. I plan to have the server controlled via the simple sql3server.ini text file.

Below is where I'm to right now. It has a section for the basic configuration (allows for multiple IP addresses) and multiple "Database" sections. Each Database section specifies the database name and a list of one or more "Security" attributes (basically, user id's and passwords) of clients that can access the database. The database can reside in the root directory with the server or in a subdirectory off of the server root.

Anyone see any issues with this or can offer any suggestions for improvement? Remember, the goal of this is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  :)

port        = default
ipaddress   = localhost
ipaddress   =
ipaddress   = www.planetsquires.com
busytimeout =
idletimeout =
databasename = sample.db3
security     = PSS234|sqlrocks
security     = paulsq|mypassword
security     = mark123|secret
databasename = \pharmacy\drugs.db3
security     = todd34|nfldpass
databasename = \accounting\gltrans.db3
security     = jennifer99|mypassword

Paul Squires

This has now been implemented and will be in Version 0011. There is still lots of time for anyone to weigh in on this configuration.

Here are some notes:

During sql3_Connect, all usernames and passwords are checked regardless of what database it relates to. If a match occurs then the connection succeeds.

During sql3_Use, the database to be used is matched against the related usernames and passwords for that database. If matched, then the use succeeds.

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

Database names are case insensitive.