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SQLitening Version 2 - July 7, 2008

Started by Paul Squires, July 07, 2008, 10:57:36 PM

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Paul Squires

July 07, 2008, 10:57:36 PM Last Edit: July 15, 2008, 08:14:09 PM by TechSupport
SQLitening just keeps getting better and better. Today, Fred sent me a new package with many new goodies included. I have not tested the changes yet but I expect that it will perform flawlessly.  Below is the list of changes per Fred's email to me.

You can download from:  http://www.planetsquires.com/files/sqlitening_002.zip

- From Fred's email -
Attached is release version 2 of SQLitening.  It includes many minor changes as well as field level encryption and compression.   The changes are:

1. Eliminated error -13 which was used for Invalid parms.  The current code can no longer raise this error.

2. Eliminated the slEscapeSpecialChars routine.  It did only one PB replace command which replaced all ' with ''.

3. Added slIsSetOpen routine.  This was a forum request.

4. Enhanced slExeBind so it can bind multiply fields in one call.  It can also encrypt and/or compress a field.
5. Enhanced slFX and slFNX to be able to get fields and decrypt and/or uncompress.

6. Added the K ModChar to slSetProcessMods which will set/unset the cryption key.

7. There is a new Dll called SQLiteningAuxRuts.Dll.  This is were the Rijndael encryption code resides as well as the calls to Zlib for compression.  I added a Dll so there would be no additional memory usage for those that do not use encryption nor compression.  This aux dll resides only with the client -- server is not concerned.  Note that the encryption/compression occurs at the field level, not the row or column level.  So if you encrypt/compress with slExeBind then you must also decrypt/uncompress with either slFX or slFNX.  I used Rijndael because it is much faster and smaller then BlowFish and was selected by the NIST as Advanced Encryption Standard.  Whatever that means but it impressed me.

8. Added two new options to the General section of the config file:
      CreateDatabaseAllowed = Yes or No  ---  Controls the creation of new databases.  If Yes then clients are
                                              allowed to create new databases on the server.  If omitted then
                                              will default to No
      TrimLogManually = Yes or No  ---  Controls the trimming of the log when it becomes larg e (> 600K).  If Yes
                                        then no automatic trimming will occur.  If no then will automatically
                                        trim 100K from front of log when it becomes large. If omitted then will
                                        default to No

9. Enhanced the Adim refresh so it will now refresh the config flags as well as the FACT

10. Included a second simple example program which does encryption and compression.
11. Enhanced almost all of the routine comments.  The updated comments are changed in both SQLitening.Bas and SQLitening.Txt.  This area should settle down in future.

- end of Fred's email-

Note: The SQLitening CHM help file has not yet been updated to reflect the changes.

Good luck!