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A "Must Have"

Started by Mark Strickland, August 11, 2008, 08:42:27 PM

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Mark Strickland

As I have been working with SQLiteing my SQLite query tool has proved to be very valuable.

There are TWO SEPARATE problems for folks trying to use SQLitening and learn SQL at the same time.

If you get a query tool that can connect directly to a SQLite DB you can figure out the SQL code THEN put it in your PB program using SQLiteing with almost a cut and paste.  At that point you will know your SQL code is working.

You can also do the opposite by doing things in your PB program to output the generated SQL statements by displaying them to cut and paste back into your SQL query tool or even have the PB program simply stuff them directly into the clipboard for a direct paste.

I use SQLMaestro but below is a link to a large number of options and many are free.


These will let you play with SQL statements and even use the EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN (mentioned in a previous post) to help you figure out how SQLite will approach finding and returning your data.
Mark Strickland, CISSP