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Adding ADO database handling

Started by Steven Pringels, March 20, 2009, 06:35:03 AM

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Steven Pringels


I just stumbled on SQLite and SQLitening. Great product if I may say :)

I was wondering, anybody sees the need (except myself) to have ADO support as well ? Let me explain my reasoning.

SQLite could be used for storing metadata of an (client/server) application, whereas a link to an DBMS that would be available through ADO could store the real data. The metadata could be the description of screens, reports and such. One may say, why not store the metadata then also with the ADO compliant RDBMs ? Well, the obvious reason would be caching. One could have the metadata stored remotely and cache it locally using the same datastructures build in the SQLite database.

In any case, I see the benefit of having both worlds tied together. The question is are there others who are with me on this ? A starting point could be the wrapper that Jose Roca provided to connect to ADO compliant databases.

Kind regards

Bern Ertl

Hi Steven.  I don't understand your intentions.

SQLite/SQLitening works perfect as a DBMS client/server backend.

Steven Pringels


Yes, in it self, SQLite is perfect however in a corporate world which is ruled by Oracle, SQL server and more and more MySQL SQLite is peanuts.... Still, SQLite doesn't try to compete with enterprise database systems. There are not reporting tools that can access a SQLite database (reporting tools like Crystal Reports, Hummingbird BI etc). So for an application developer it is definitely a valid choice when it comes to meta data and program specific data but when it comes to transactional data a DBMS such as Oracle or MySQL is better suited.

So, I think the SQLitening server can be a solid foundation to create a complete application server platform accessing enterprise databases - no client software needs to be installed on any machine except for the computer that runs the server.

I hope the reasoning behind is a bit more clear than before.

All the best!

Fred Meier

I'm not qualified to comment one way or another if ADO support has merit.

If someone wants to develop it then I would be happy to assist.  It could
be developed in any language using the new SQLiteningUniversal.Dll. 

Bern Ertl

Quote from: Steven Pringels on March 20, 2009, 03:00:16 PMThere are not reporting tools that can access a SQLite database (reporting tools like Crystal Reports, Hummingbird BI etc).

I did a quick Google search and it appears that Crystal Reports can access SQLite databases via ADO odbc.