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Started by John Lever, August 22, 2009, 07:42:07 AM

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John Lever

A newbie question.

I have used SQLITENING / SQLITE unencrypted - I am also looking at the use of encrypted databases using SQLITE/SQLITENING - I am not sure whether this is a function of SQLITE or SQLITENING  ?

SQLITENING seems to have examples of using encryption and compression of data - but so far as I can make out you need a special version of SQLITE (with these facilities included).

I am confused - can anyone say how exactly  SQLITENING can use encryption ie if special SQLITE needed where this can be obtained and what contraints ?

Also my old posts (and account) to the sqlitening forum seem to have disappeared ? I had to reregister.

Best Regards,
John Lever

Fred Meier

SQLite does not support encryption/compression of the entire database, nor
will it encrypt/compress fields.  But since SQLite does allow binary data,
encryption/compression can be done by the SQLite using program.  By the
way, I believe that is the better way since there are so many different
ways to do enencryption/compression. 

SQLtening allows you to store binary data using the slExeBind command. 
The slExeBind command accepts BindDats.  The SQLitening slBuildBindDat
command has an encryption/compression routine built-in.  You may use these
routines or provide your own.  See code in ExampleC.

In summary:
   There is no "special" SQLite needed to do encryption/compression. 
   SQLitening allows you to store binary data using the slExeBind command. 
   SQLitening offers you one encryption/compression method.
   You may roll-your-own encryption/compression method.