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Preview 1.4

Started by Fred Meier, May 27, 2010, 05:07:27 PM

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Fred Meier

Here is a preview of the major changes coming in 1.4.  Depending on your
feed back, SQLitening 1.4 should be available first part of July.

--- SQLitening.Dll will be thread-safe.  You can now have multiple threads
    accessing your SQLite database in both local and remote mode.  This
    will allow you to have multiple connections per client to the server,
    one for each thread. This also allows database Procs to use SQLitening.Dll
    rather than have to call SQlite direct (makes coding Procs much easier). 

--- Added slCopyDatebase.  This new function will allow you to make copies/backups
    of a database.  Normally you make copies/backups by locking the database and then
    copying the database by using an external tool like FileCopy.  This method works well
    but has the following shortcomings:
      -- Any database clients wishing to write to the database file while a backup is
         being created must wait until the shared lock is relinquished.
      -- It cannot be used to copy data to or from :memory: nor Temp databases.
      -- If a power failure or operating system failure occurs while copying the resulting
         copied database may be corrupt.

--- Added slSelStr.  This new function returns selected rows as a delimited text string. 
    Each field and record is delimited by a single character.

--- Added the ability in slGetFile to pass a get position and a get length.
    Using a position and length is useful when you only want to get a
    portion of the file.  This also may be needed for very large files
    even when you want to get the whole file.

--- Added the ability in slPutFile to pass a put position. Using a
    position is useful when you only want to put a portion of the file. 
    This also may be needed for very large files even when you want to
    put the whole file.

--- Changed slSel so that when no set is passed (defaults to zero) or
    the passed set number is zero it will first close that set. This
    will prevent error -14 (%SQLitening_InvalidSetNumber).

--- Changed slOpen to automatically enable SQLite foreign key support.
    SQLite disables this feature by default (for backwards compatibility),
    so must be enabled separately for each database connection. Also
    added the f ModChar to allow you to not enable foreign key support.

--- Added a new request to slGetStatus.  Request 4 will check if the
    current remote connection is active and return either "Yes" or "No"